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I'm at the whiny stage of the cold now. It's like the 5 stages of grief only with a bucketful of phlegm in my head.

Denial: What's that? a tickle in the back of my throat? It's nothing. I am not getting sick. No matter that 2 of my colleagues have been swarming with germs in and out of my office, I WILL NOT GET SICK.

Anger: Stupid %$#^%@! coworkers and their stupid $^#&$*!~ germs!!

Bargaining: If I pop 2 Tylenol now, I'll be fine, I'm sure. I'll just go to sleep a little earlier, and do my walk tomorrow. Yeah.

Depression: I hab a code id by node ad by froat hurtz ad by node is all red ad nobody loves bee I thig I'll go ead worms. wwwaaah!

Acceptance: My voice is SO SEXY!

Bonus Stage
Irony: I went to work today. Now I'm the germy coworker! muahahahaha!

Hey pretty internets, tell me more poetry, that will make me feel better.

Edited to add: Pretty please?
mood: sick
music: there is no music, there is only phlegm in the head


a little something something I wrote when I was 16,...
um,...many many eons ago
: )
please excuse the 'cheese factor' - I was 16 and in luv (groan)

Did you ever love somebody,
but never let them know?
Did you ever feel like crying,
but never let it show.
Did you ever see them dancing,
with the lights way down low?
And whisper “God I love him”
but never let them know.
Did you ever look into their eyes
and say a little prayer?
Did you ever look into their heart,
and wish that you were there?
Don’t fall in love my friend,
you’ll find it doesn’t pay.
It only causes heartache,
it happens everyday.
And when it does you won’t know why,
you’ll wonder night and day.
Thinking that you’re loosing them,
the price is hard to pay.
If I could choose between life or death,
I think I’d rather die.
Don’t fall in love my friend.
Don’t even wonder why.
Don’t fall in love my friend,
you’ll be hurt before it’s through.
You see my friend I ought to know
I fell in love with you.

Re: poem

Cheese, schmeese, that was great!

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