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I'm at the whiny stage of the cold now. It's like the 5 stages of grief only with a bucketful of phlegm in my head.

Denial: What's that? a tickle in the back of my throat? It's nothing. I am not getting sick. No matter that 2 of my colleagues have been swarming with germs in and out of my office, I WILL NOT GET SICK.

Anger: Stupid %$#^%@! coworkers and their stupid $^#&$*!~ germs!!

Bargaining: If I pop 2 Tylenol now, I'll be fine, I'm sure. I'll just go to sleep a little earlier, and do my walk tomorrow. Yeah.

Depression: I hab a code id by node ad by froat hurtz ad by node is all red ad nobody loves bee I thig I'll go ead worms. wwwaaah!

Acceptance: My voice is SO SEXY!

Bonus Stage
Irony: I went to work today. Now I'm the germy coworker! muahahahaha!

Hey pretty internets, tell me more poetry, that will make me feel better.

Edited to add: Pretty please?
mood: sick
music: there is no music, there is only phlegm in the head


You asked for it.

—inspired by Robert Stewart
by Dana Lynn Martin

More than
40 years ago,
just after Korea,
my father came
with his bride

to the planed feet
of these mountains,
showed her this scar
on the world; palm
of a cupped hand.

I stare at this night,
see things as they
ought to be: our tent
a block of ice, Father’s
words solid in the air.

We are pitched
in the middle
of a snow field.
I creep across rain-
soaked skins of rocks.

I’m sitting in the basin
of a glacier where
ages ago pack ice melted.
Rain repeats itself
in concert with ancestors.

This moraine
maps the past.
These elk ice skate
their way back
on cloven hooves.

An ice sculpture
ambles near, moves
leeward, antlers
etch sky’s
final light.


I DID ask for it, and MAN, did I ever get it! Just what I wanted. That was beautiful.

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