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I used to wonder how people could stand it in the States, working all those crazy hours. Today I worked a 12-hour day and it wasn't the first one this month. It wasn't even the third one. And the scary part was that I had to tear myself away. I wanted to stay and keep working, keep getting things done, and only the knowledge that working straight through for a week wouldn't even get all the things done that I have to get done prevented me from staying longer. That doesn't make any sense, but I plead half-full bucket of phlegm for brains in my defense. ...Now, Phlegm For Brains WOULD be a great name for a band!


Yesterday, as we sat down on the playroom sofa so that I could read bedtime stories to the kids, Karin, who was on my right side, had the hiccups, and she sat there, quietly hiccuping, while I started to read the next chapter of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (which she ignored the first time around a few months ago, and has since demanded to be read again). After a few seconds, I started substituting the word 'hiccup' without breaking the flow of the narrative, for other verbs and nouns wherever it struck me as funny.

Karin made faces at me, and Martin got mad, but each time I tried to stop, some little devil in my head, along with Karin's continued air-popping up-swallows, made me throw another one in. Then I would giggle madly and read along innocently for several sentences before another one slipped out. Finally Martin had had enough and he stomped out of the room, while I, obviously possessed of the devil, howled with laughter and entreated him to come back, and not get mad because it was FUNNY!

"No, it isn't," he grumped from his room, which just made me laugh all the harder. At which point Karin was kind of half-laughing too because I was laughing so hard, and a few minutes later, we were both guffawing wildly, then Karin's amazement at my hilarity overcame her laughter and she sat and watched me with concerned eyes. Tears came squirting down my cheeks and I was gasping for breath and trying to pull myself together, when Karin solicitiously patted me on the arm and said, "Mamma, du får faktiskt lugna ner dig nu."*

I'm getting the giggles again just thinking about it, and I had to literally FORCE myself to calm down enough to be able to finish reading the chapter and, even so, undignified snorts kept escaping me every now and then each time I managed to restrain myself from putting 'hiccup' into a sentence while Martin glared displeasure at me from across the intersection of his arms and Karin rolled her eyes with each lapse. Hee!

I love those fits of crazy laughter. They mostly tend to come during the silly zone, that time between 1 and 3 a.m. when your best girlfriends are over for a slumber party or you and your sister are trying to remember the names of the 7 Dwarves and after minutes of agonizing brain-wracking over the seventh that you just.can't.remember... your sister suddenly blurts out, "Bashy!" in perfect seriousness and then you collapse on each other shrieking with laughter, and it still makes the 2 of you laugh years later, it was that funny.


I am reading a really good book. What is weird about it is that it has to do with vampires, which is not a subject I am particularly fond of or drawn to, or care much about. What is weirder is that only a few months ago I read another really good book which also had to do with vampires. And yet weirdest of all is that my friend Camilla, whose taste in books I trust implicitly just read a really good book that she is loaning me soon, which ALSO has to do with vampires. I would not have read that first book except that it happened to be by a favorite author of mine, whom I trusted not to let me down. I would not have read this book except that it was chosen for our book group, and I actually didn't realize exactly what it was about beforehand as the blurb on it was rather vague. I would not willingly read this next book if it wasn't Camilla recommending it to me, because hello! how many really good books about vampires can there BE out there, anyway?? And why are they all converging on me right now? Are they trying to tell me something? Do zay vant to zuck my bloooood?

HAHAHAHA! Sorry! I couldn't resist. I so rarely can resist. *giggles madly*

The books:
Now: The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova
Then: Sunshine by Robin McKinley
Next: Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

Really Great Writing Out There Right Now: "The exact spot where their hearts were as children..."

Bubbling Warbling Big Balloon Birthday Wishes to knacke_brod!

*Mama, you really have to calm yourself down now
mood: crazy
music: Undertones—It's Going to Happen


I had a similar episode of laughing with (at?) my daughter the other day. The more I tried to stop laughing, the harder it was to do and in the end I was gasping for breath, crying, and holding my abdomen because I had laughed 'til I hurt. But then, trying to explain it to her was impossible - she couldn't get why I was laughing so hard and I couldn't get why she wasn't.

I like to think some years from now she'll be telling that story to a friend - even if she is still bemused as to what I found so funny - so that moment of utter joy will live on.

We're so misunderstood! :D

I got the Kostova as one of my Christmas books and am eager to start reading it in May, when I get back from Sweden!

Thanks for the birthday wishes. I'm glad you're liking the Historian--I think it will be a good one to discuss. See you next week at my place!

when Karin solicitiously patted me on the arm and said, "Mamma, du får faktiskt lugna ner dig nu

Thank goodness for mature and sensible children, who watch over their mad parents. ;)

There's nothing like a good laugh! You might want to think of having one more often, if it sends your children into such a state of shock :)

The thing is, they are SO used to me! I'm always doing stuff like this. They have to put up with a lot. >:D

I really enjoyed The Historian and might have recommended it to you when we were discussing Anne Rice books a little while ago. It is quite an interesting story and I am not a lover of vampire tales at all. (too close to home, maybe?) I'll have to check out the others you mention now - add them to the ever growing list at the library :)

I can see that sequence with you and the kids so well. I think Martin inherited that hairy eyeball look from Anders as he can pull a classic one.

each time I tried to stop, some little devil in my head .... (and) made me throw another one in. I know, I know! I often get taken over by this irresistable urge to be naughty, especially when I am faced with stuffy people. The number of times I've had to say to a shocked L-G "But she made me say it!" is getting out of hand.

I've lost count of the times I've battled that urge and lost :D It happens a lot in places like church or movie scenes that other people are sniffling and tearing up at (Kramer vs Kramer made me have to stifle myself in my jacket because my laughter was disturbing the other theater patrons)

God, I've done that, too! During "Jaws" when the shark surfaced for the first time, my boyfriend who had been guzzling coke and popcorn let out a huge burp just as the shark opened his mouth. We lost it completely and spent the entire film laughing our heads off as people were being chomped up.

Then in Dracula (the 1992 one with Gary Oldman), there was a bit where someone starts to grow hair really rapidly as part of turning into a bat and my son quipped "He must be Greek" and we literally spat out our mouthful of coke as we laughed like maniacs. After that, everthing seemed hilarious and as people were being impaled we were laughing and saying "Hmm...kebabs!" The people around us were really upset.

Then during "When a Man Loves a Woman" (I can't believe that I agreed to go and see such a shite film!), I was so disgusted and bored with the film that I started a loud critique of it, including laughing at the "deep and meaningful Meg Ryan scenes!"

God I wish we lived closer - what a great tag team we'd make. Though I suspect that our families would disown us :)

I laughed through Dracula, too :D You're so right, our families would definitely disown us!

You are a wicked wicked mama! But SO FUNNY!

I've never seen hoar frost. It looks like the world is in a snow globe and someone placed the globe back upside down.

I don't think I'd ever seen it either before I moved here. It's so cool. Hoar means hair, and the Swedish word for hair is hår, which is pronounced the same way. This morning, the fog had settled all over the hill and coated everything white with a layer of frost. When the sun came up it was just dazzling!

Ha! I love to giggle like that, and hear your stories of giggling uncontrollably :oD I love that little pic of the dog giggling too. Can't remember his name...

Muttley! He was Dick Dastardly's sidekick on the Wacky Races. :) Did you know Dick Dastardly was voiced by Paul Winchell? The same guy who did Tigger!


You are one crazy mama! I'm giggling, just thinking of Martin getting mad at you for being so silly and ruining his book!

And I started reading The Historian, and then put it down and never picked it back up again. I need to finish it, it really is good, even though it has vampires in it - and I am not a fan! No Anne Rice for me, thanks! Will keep an eye out for those two others you like as well.
~ samiam

I liked Interview With the Vampire and The Vampire Lestat especially as lessons in unreliable narrators and differing viewpoints, but after that her endless regurgitation of vampire stories got really tiresome. I quit reading her a long time ago.


Everytime I end up reading about something more than's because I need the information for an upcoming event. very careful! Wear garlic!!! Carry a silver dagger! :) Giggling Lizardmom

WEAR garlic?! Can't I just EAT it?

I am so jealous that Karin has the attention span and understanding to enjoy Lion. Good for you mom! I keep trying to sneak in those longer chapter books every once in a while but my DD isn't ready for them yet.

She's nearly 7, so it's not that surprising, age-wise. :)

oh that is right- kids in Sweden start formal school later than in the US. My DD is only 5.5 as of Sunday.


Lizardek, you really have to hiccup yourself down now!

(Did I do it right? Did I?)


You did! LOL


Ok so I am late replying but that is because I was at Lizardmom's house and her dial up is tooooo frustrating to deal with!

Bashy!!!!!! I was laughing so hard I was crying when the kids came down and they just didn't get what was sooo funny as to make me cry!

love seester.

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