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Some Things I Love About Sweden:

1. that tarragon is dragon in Swedish

2. Men who can wallpaper AND change diapers AND knit AND fix the car

3. Pettson & Findus

4. barnbidrag and föräldrarledighet*

5. Rebecka, Marie and Cajsa Stina

6. The pretty, pretty money

7. Rapeseed in bloom

8. Carl Larsson

9. Mazariner, lyxbiskvi and vaniljhjärta

10. that television and films are subtitled, not dubbed

11. Moose! Hey! If I bring 4 friends on a moose safari, I get to go for free! Who's with me??

Tell me something YOU love about Sweden!

*governmental dependent subsidies and parental leave
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I love about Sweden the language - it's musical and expressive and words in sentences are arranged in an order that makes me think in a new way.

Tell you what: I'll be one of the four on the moose safari if you'll pay my way. Then we BOTH get to go free!

Missed you tonight and I'm clearly hooked up to you in the minds of our fellow choir members because they all asked me where you were. I told them you had a bucket of snot you had to empty out. Eller något liknande.

I'm sorry I didn't make it, too. I hate missing choir. I did call and leave a message on Kristina's mobile, and I did tell Debbie I probably wasn't going to make it, but she said she was going to be late and I bet she didn't show at all. I'm glad you went! And I'll be back next week, with bells on. :)

And there's some sort of flaw in your logic regarding the moose safari, methinks, but it's making my head hurt trying to figure it out. :P

Those colds! On my horizon, about 1/3rd of the orchestra was not there tonight, mainly due to people being sick.

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