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Some Things I Love About Sweden:

1. that tarragon is dragon in Swedish

2. Men who can wallpaper AND change diapers AND knit AND fix the car

3. Pettson & Findus

4. barnbidrag and föräldrarledighet*

5. Rebecka, Marie and Cajsa Stina

6. The pretty, pretty money

7. Rapeseed in bloom

8. Carl Larsson

9. Mazariner, lyxbiskvi and vaniljhjärta

10. that television and films are subtitled, not dubbed

11. Moose! Hey! If I bring 4 friends on a moose safari, I get to go for free! Who's with me??

Tell me something YOU love about Sweden!

*governmental dependent subsidies and parental leave
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I haven't seen the ten yet in real life but here's some pictures for you.

And since a week ago, the Swedish national bank slightly updated the 50 and 1000 SEK bills with the same kind of security details as the 100 and 500 SEK bills had for a while. The 1000 SEK is very uncommon.

Last fall, when a lot (up to a couple every week!) of armed robberies occurred to money transports, it was suggested that Sweden would stop using big bills. At least remove 500 and 1000 SEK, maybe even 100 SEK and instead using more credit card payments. There are a lot of other criminal activity - not to mention the extra fees charged by the bank - related to paying with plastic, so I don't know if it was a good suggestion. It could lead to the cash boxes in stores would be flooded with small value bills, and a need to even more often transport money to and from stores. While it may be impractical for the thief to buy expensive goods using 20 SEK ($3) bills, I wonder if they could prevent them from deposit it onto a bank account.

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I can complain because rose bushes have thorns or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.

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