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Having a work laptop at home is not good. Well, I mean it is good for getting WORK done. But here it is Saturday night at 10 p.m. and I have been working since 1 p.m., nearly nonstop. With only mini-breaks for a load of laundry, dinner and a walk to the nursery to buy potted purple tulips and a glorious golden-orange begonia, and to write this journal entry.

I have had a headache for nearly 24 hours because I picked up new eyeglasses yesterday. I was not amused last November when I finally got new glasses after 4 years with my old ones to be told by the optician that I would probably need new ones within a year because "eyes deteriorate the most between the ages of 40 and 43." Pooh! I scoffed inwardly. 6 months later I was not pooh-poohing quite so loudly because I noticed that I was having to take my glasses off to read. Since I read a lot, this became a problem rather rapidly, and I finally went in for an appointment this month to get checked. Sure enough, I was on my way into groping, stumbling, squinting OLD AGE. The reason why I can say old age with emphasis is because the glasses I came home with, to the tune of 6000 kronor...are bifocals. WAH! My only consolation is that nobody knows, ...well except the internets since I just told you...because they are progressiva, or in other words, there is no obvious demarcation between the lens for distance and the lens for reading.

I am not near- or far-sighted; I have astigmatism. In fact, I've had it all my life and was diagnosed with amblyopia and as a child had to endure both the dreaded old-lady cat glasses (which I refused to wear after awhile) and wearing patches over my lazy left eye (even to school! aagh!). My mother drew cartoon eyes on them with one of those double-ended red and blue pencils.

Next I shall get little chains to hook around the earpieces. Then I shall wear my hair exclusively in buns, and roll my pantyhose down around my ankles to offset my corrective footwear as I hunch, muttering, over my cane.

Swirling Bright, Colorful Light, Sunny Silhouetted Birthday Wishes to esmecat!

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