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Having a work laptop at home is not good. Well, I mean it is good for getting WORK done. But here it is Saturday night at 10 p.m. and I have been working since 1 p.m., nearly nonstop. With only mini-breaks for a load of laundry, dinner and a walk to the nursery to buy potted purple tulips and a glorious golden-orange begonia, and to write this journal entry.

I have had a headache for nearly 24 hours because I picked up new eyeglasses yesterday. I was not amused last November when I finally got new glasses after 4 years with my old ones to be told by the optician that I would probably need new ones within a year because "eyes deteriorate the most between the ages of 40 and 43." Pooh! I scoffed inwardly. 6 months later I was not pooh-poohing quite so loudly because I noticed that I was having to take my glasses off to read. Since I read a lot, this became a problem rather rapidly, and I finally went in for an appointment this month to get checked. Sure enough, I was on my way into groping, stumbling, squinting OLD AGE. The reason why I can say old age with emphasis is because the glasses I came home with, to the tune of 6000 kronor...are bifocals. WAH! My only consolation is that nobody knows, ...well except the internets since I just told you...because they are progressiva, or in other words, there is no obvious demarcation between the lens for distance and the lens for reading.

I am not near- or far-sighted; I have astigmatism. In fact, I've had it all my life and was diagnosed with amblyopia and as a child had to endure both the dreaded old-lady cat glasses (which I refused to wear after awhile) and wearing patches over my lazy left eye (even to school! aagh!). My mother drew cartoon eyes on them with one of those double-ended red and blue pencils.

Next I shall get little chains to hook around the earpieces. Then I shall wear my hair exclusively in buns, and roll my pantyhose down around my ankles to offset my corrective footwear as I hunch, muttering, over my cane.

Swirling Bright, Colorful Light, Sunny Silhouetted Birthday Wishes to esmecat!

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there is no way you could force the poodle to curl up into a tight little bun, though.

i want pictures of the new glasses.

Heh. You may be right. Barky is very particular.

I think I need them too. Moost ave me olde eighs loukt at, an soon lassie. (How did I suddenly devolve in to a brogue?) Thanks for the lit map too!

Yer welcome! that site is pretty cool. They have a similar program for music and for movies :)


How are you doing with depth perception? For the first couple of weeks I wore my bifocals, I always felt like falling to the ground to grasp the curb for dear life since it LOOKED like I was floating about two feet off the ground!

Also, any trace of the chicken-bobbling? Took me a while to get used to looking through one part of the lens to see closeups and another part for mid- to long-range. I felt like I was jerking my head around like a chicken does. Bah! Or should that be Bok!

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

BOK BOK BOK! Not only looking up and down, but moving back and forth like a pigeon (Doing the pigeon! Bert would be so proud). The depth perception actually isn't that bad. It's the little blurry moving things that aren't really there in my peripheral vision and the opening my eyes really wide every few seconds that's getting me.

Next I shall get little chains to hook around the earpieces. Then I shall wear my hair exclusively in buns, and roll my pantyhose down around my ankles to offset my corrective footwear as I hunch, muttering, over my cane.

I almost pissed myself when I read that. You are too funny.

I actually had to take my glasses off the other day to peruse something closer. I'M ONLY 34. Aggggg!

Hope your "new glasses" headache goes away real soon!

It took a while for me to get use to my progressiva glasses.

thankee! thankee! thankee! *hugs*

it was a beautiful birthday only slightly despoiled by the trip in to the eye doc early in the morning to find out in am moving along with farther down the road to coke bottles myself.

I can relate to that nose pressed ever closer to the computer screen as time wears on, although I can't quite relate to the whole pantyhose around the ankles bit yet. Cat glasses with flip-top lids might be cool.

I had a pair of flip-tops once. They were the bee's knees.

stop-- you're turning me on--

pantyhose around the ankles is so HOTTTT.


Re: stop-- you're turning me on--


My mum was diagnosed with astigmatism some 15 years ago. At first, she got a pair of progressiva glasses, but she only developed headache so the optician had to redo them into bifocals with a little window.

I got my first pair of glasses at 8 years old, which made me special in my class, at least for a few years until the other kids got glasses. I've worn the same glasses for 15 years now. I'm soon 31, and recently I have found small details a little less sharp than I remember them. Maybe it is about time to schedule a test.

15 years!! Get to the eye doctor! That is way too long for the same pair of glasses!

Or you could do what I've done for the LAST SEVERAL YEARS...constantly remove my nearsighted glasses every single time I read. My biceps should be quite developed from all that action. And all because I resist getting bifocals. Yes, I'd much rather spend my time taking them off, putting them on, taking them off, putting them on... (sigh) Loser.

Literature Map! Cool!!!!

This is what is so good, finding something you didn't know about, that and educational.

I placed in Adam Hall (he wrote primarily spy novels/paperbacks) and Leonard Cohen. And both got responses - to my surprise. Interesting to see who they linked to. Thanks for placing it in your journal!

progressive lenses

I've worn glass since second grade, and last year my opomotrist also told me it was time for bifocals or progressive lenses. What a depressing moment for me -- that's what my parents wore! And the same year that another doctor said I needed to take cholesterol medicine! My body was falling apart.

I went the progressive route, even though it seemed like it was 25x more expensive -- with different ranges for far, near, and computer monitor level. To be honest, I have to take my glasses off half the time just to be able to read a menu in a restaurant.

Now we see one of the negatives of reading too much as children.


Re: progressive lenses

HA! It's not the reading. It's the POOR LIGHT. I should have listened to my mother. :P


Oh geez, between 40 and 43, huh? I'll be 43 in a couple of months and spent about 8 zillion euros on a new pair of glasses two years ago and sometimes, but just sometimes, I think my eyes are going weird. I'm shortsightted and also have astigmatism in both eyes so I need to take out a loan every time my prescription changes.


I know. :( It's awful isn't it? And they just get more and more expensive. sigh.

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