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13 GOING ON 12
In choir we are practicing excerpts from Stabat Mater, an Easter mass concert that we are performing together with the Lomma Women's Church Choir. It's the first time since I joined the choir a couple of years ago that we've done religious music (apart from a couple of pieces in the big 3000-member choir concert we performed in Stockholm last year).

Today we practiced from 10 to 4 in the chapel of the congregation house in Lomma, and it struck me again how much more majestic music sounds in a church with the open space and high ceiling. We worked really hard today, to the point where, nearing 3:30 in the afternoon, I was growing hoarse and having a hard time singing. Since we have another 10-4 session tomorrow, I have been napping resting my voice since I got home.

I'm no stranger to Latin choral music, having sung several years in a non-denominational church choir in high school and various other choirs where religious music was a mainstay. Stabat Mater is all in Latin, and it's quite complicated and moving music. Stabat Mater translates literally as "standing mother" and refers to Mary, grieving beneath the cross on which her Son died.

However, Stanza 19 is giving me fits. It goes like this:

Fac me cruce custodiri morte Christi praemuniri confoveri gratia

and translates (in one edition) as

Let the cross then be my guard, the death of Christ my watch and ward, and cherish me by heaven's grace.

The line is repeated several times throughout the stanza, volleyed back and forth by the higher and lower registers, alternating between the soprano and alto sections. And every single time we sing Fac me with its hard 'c' sound, I have to stifle giggles. I am so going to hell.

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*exploding into giggles*

I cannot even allow myself to look in your direction anymore when we sing "Fac me." Yes indeed, we are 13 going on 12. And to make matters worse, when I told Björn about it, he pointed out that while Swedes might note it and then move on without continually hearing it the way we do, the very presence of English speaking you and me and Wendy probably makes them more aware of it. Oh mercy, what if I start a giggle fest at the concert?!

I can't look at Debbie either. And I think Björn is right because sometimes I catch some of the sopranos eyes and THEY are grinning at ME!

fac me fac me!

OMG. So glad to not be there. *falls off the chair laughing*

:D Reminds me of all the South American students at SFI that would snicker when someone said "kaka".

One of the songs we sang last year is called Titania about the Queen of the Elves. It's a great song, really fun to sing. But part of it has a chorus that starts with "Ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-ti-titania!" and there was a woman from the Philipines or Malaysia (can't remember for sure) who was a member then, and she would crack up every time we sang it because apparently in her native language "titi" means "penis". :D



hu-hu. hu-hu. You said "fac." hu-hu.


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I meant to say, "I wonder what would happen if you had blurted out laughing after singing 'Fac me'? You are one naughty girl."

No Christmas presents for you.

I have, though. Several times. I can't help it!


That must be amazing singing religious songs in a majestic church. I would think you could almost have a religious experience just doing it, that is if you could ever stop giggling.


Re: singing

It's a different kind of religious experience, when you're not religious. :) And I'm not sure I WANT to be able to stop giggling.

oh fac me!


Don't like it?


oh this is great-- I will crack myself up for hours now--


Stabat Mater is one of my all time favorite requiems. I actually have the whole thing memorized lol. My favorite version is the one sung by the Vienna Boys Choir. I'm sure you gals are going to do a fantastic job!


Kestrel (

I boggle every time I think about the fact that I have never even HEARD of it before. And now I can't get the damn thing out of my head! :D

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