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Good: my favorite colleague back after a 2-week vacation

Not So Good: crunchy, undercooked rice in my sushi lunch *bleah*

Good: finding a Reese's Fast Break bar that I had stashed away and forgotten about

Not So Good: Anders being gone overnight

Good: feeling like my to-do list at work is back under control again

Not So Good: still haven't gotten Karin's passport renewed

Good: yearly bonus money making buying plane tickets for my brother's wedding completely painless

Not So Good: listening to Tracy Chapman over and over so I can memorize the song I will be singing at the wedding making me want to stab chopsticks into my ears. Pure torture, I tell you.

Good: 2 activity/obligation-free evenings in a row

Not So Good: not having gone walking for nearly 3 weeks due to work insanity, too much to do or weather *argh*

Good: how light the sky was at 7 p.m. this evening

Not So Good: this journal entry

More Evidence That I Will Never Grow Up...Cracking Me Up: Dilbert—Space Heaters

A Suitcase Full of Wonderful Birthday Wishes to travelertrish!
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