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Good: my favorite colleague back after a 2-week vacation

Not So Good: crunchy, undercooked rice in my sushi lunch *bleah*

Good: finding a Reese's Fast Break bar that I had stashed away and forgotten about

Not So Good: Anders being gone overnight

Good: feeling like my to-do list at work is back under control again

Not So Good: still haven't gotten Karin's passport renewed

Good: yearly bonus money making buying plane tickets for my brother's wedding completely painless

Not So Good: listening to Tracy Chapman over and over so I can memorize the song I will be singing at the wedding making me want to stab chopsticks into my ears. Pure torture, I tell you.

Good: 2 activity/obligation-free evenings in a row

Not So Good: not having gone walking for nearly 3 weeks due to work insanity, too much to do or weather *argh*

Good: how light the sky was at 7 p.m. this evening

Not So Good: this journal entry

More Evidence That I Will Never Grow Up...Cracking Me Up: Dilbert—Space Heaters

A Suitcase Full of Wonderful Birthday Wishes to travelertrish!
mood: blah
music: Inflammatus Accensus in my head


I agree with you: Dilbert is definately funny today. Do you read Scott Adams' blog, out of curiosity?

I did, for awhile, and really enjoyed, but geezusgod that man NEVER STOPS WRITING. When does he sleep?? I couldn't keep up and had to stop for sanity's sake.

Sometimes, he is like that. Fortunately, I just subscribe to the RSS feed, and read it in Thunderbird in piece, er, peace.

"You and me in a fast car" - reminds me of being in a train the summer after University, whipping through the French countryside, missing my boyfriend (well, technically my 2 boyfriends; I wasn't touring Europe for months for no reason).

Surely you're not singing /that/ at the wedding?

Heh. No. And that one actually doesn't make me want to stab myself. It's The Promise. Which IS a nice song for a wedding, but her style just wears me down like plinking water after awhile.

Haha! "No whammies, no whammies" cracked me up ... but now I can't get it out of my head!

:) We were addicted to that show when we were in college :)

You may think your journal entry to be lame, but I do like these lists, so thanks... gotta go turn my space heater on...

Good: Your ability to make me smile.


Why don't you just make up your own music to the words- it's what's important I assume! Or - plan to recite it and sing something else! Of probably have to talk to THEM about doing that! :) Love, Lizardmom


Oh- forgot......Insanity is not the reason to NOT walk- it's the reason why!!! Get those feet moving! You'll feel even better. Love, Lizardmom


For me ~

Good: having the day off

Not So Good: having the day off because I am super-duper ill.



Oh urg, you poor thing!! I hope you feel better soon.


I still don't feel good, but I have to go to work anyway.

/screams Don't make me. Don't make me, as corporate America drags her out the door by her feet.


It's not just corporate America. We do it to ourselves. I went to work last week even though I was still sick as a dog. double-doy points for us both. Hope you feel better soonest!!


Good: you happy.

Not so good: you so far away!

Good: Me not working.

Not so good: no money for sushi (crunchy or not).:(

Love Seester

THAT's what I should have gotten you for your birthday!! :D Well, we'll have it when you're here, for sure! :)


Good: Seeing my seester

Not so good: Too long in between

Best: Eating sushi with my seester!!!

Can not wait! Seester.

Chopsticks in ears

Excellent idea....
stab away, but make sure to take pictures!
Its probably as painful as listening to John Denver (and watching the crowd go wild!!!)at every fest and party here in germany. ( the tracey chapman song, not the chopsticks in ears....thats probably much more painful)

anyhoo. you sing, and sing your damn heart out for your loving brother and new sister in law...or else...and this time I mean it....


Re: Chopsticks in ears


Du, du liegst mir im Herzen,
Du, du, Liegst mir in Sinn.
Du, du, machst mir viel Schmertzen,
Weisst nicht wie gut ich dir bin.

Ja, ja, ja, ja,
weisst nicht wie gut ich dir bin, JAJA!


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