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I love this journal. I love this community. I love the people I've met here who live in Sweden, who live in the States, who live all over the freaking world. Who take the time to stop by and read my blabbiter lickum and my obiter dictum and my moments of actually putting words together well.

There are people ALL OVER who are linked to me, linked to each other, like daisies in a chain. I started writing here 3 years ago and I had no idea what I was getting into. If I HAD known, I would have started MUCH earlier. Every time I visit you people, you make me smile. You make me laugh. Some of you make me laugh so hard I have to put my head down on the desk to control the shaking.

I'd have to go back a ways to find out when I first had the idea of asking my readers to send me a page for a handmade book, a book of friendship. Since I put it out there I have received several pages and am stacking them together in a slowly growing pile on my art desk. Every time I get one, it's a thrill. You've sent me parts of yourself in the form of photography, collage, paintings, letters, recipes and poems. It's a pile of treasure.

Today I received a lovely letter and a page from someone who has never, that I can remember, commented on my journal. He found me via Meg at Blogcabin, whom I found via Chuck. Thanks, Michael! Each blog or journal that I read and become involved with leads me to others. And each of THEM is simultaneously leading and being led. A slowly growing web of bloggy filaments swathing the globe in friendship. Or a bunch of latent, frustrated stalkers, finally finding their destiny. Whichever. :D
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