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4 days is too long to go without journaling. There is a sense of slippage, of retreat. Life swells, full up, and takes over, and I'm swept away in the current of busyness. Dinner out with 2 friends, one good and older, one good and newer, a chance to just sit and relax and talk and laugh about everything and anything after a long busy week. Just what I needed. Then the deadline of guests arriving, forcing me to hit that perfect beat, boy, and get the damned house cleaned up. I swept into Roomba-mode and motored through the morning on Saturday washing laundrying dusting polishing picking up and vacuuming. Everything finalized on time to pick up the first guest and her little boy who arrived a day early to spend the night.

We hung out and I crossed the last things off my list, finalizing the layout for the choir concert program, and doing the preparations for the lunch, including baking chocolate-banana bread (her) and moose poop cookies (me). I boiled eggs for deviling and we even went to bed at a reasonable hour. This morning nothing felt rushed or crazy-making, and the guests all arrived on time to help finish putting the buffet together. Meeting up with LJ friends is starting to be a theme this year, and I'm quite pleased about it. All you internet psychos are so nice! And you all make great food. :) And to end the day on a high note (heh!), the concert went off well and our director was quite pleased with the performance. And apparently no one in the audience heard anything rude when we sang "Fac Me" so that's a relief! :D

Poor Anders didn't have quite as good a weekend as he had planned, however. He was supposed to play in a hockey tournament in Denmark all weekend, staying overnight in a nice hotel and playing all day on Saturday and part of Sunday with the highlight being that MATS NÄSLUND was playing on their team with them! But on Thursday night, while playing an evening match, Anders and another player collided and Anders badly wrenched his neck and upper back, ending up in the emergency room until 2 a.m. :( X-rays showed nothing, but he was in a lot of pain and couldn't lift his arms or move his head much; subsequent hockey was out of the question. I felt really bad, as he was very bummed out, until this exchange, which cracked me up:

Anders: *sigh* Hockey is just not a game for old men.
Liz: *trying to make him feel better* Aw honey, you're not old and there are a lot of activities you can still engage in.
Anders: *dejectedly* Yeah...like Bingo.


Beautiful Bright Boundless, and Belated, Birthday Wishes to reebert!

Note to Yahoo! Please quit with the animated infected toenail advertisements. I can't take it anymore.
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