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Lots of things made me happy today. Even though my cryk is back and my neck screams with sharp, stabby pain every time I turn it a little too far to the left, and it aches with a subliminal, ow-don't-move-me kind of tension all the time, it was a good day.

No ice on the car windows this morning in the sunshine that had obviously already wiped it off in advance for me, despite the chill in the air. Seeing the pale green reaching fingers of daffodil leaves groping well above the ground, reaching for the sun. Realizing that the fields have already flushed with green. Seeing pussywillows everywhere. O! Pussywillows!

Being told by my boss' boss, the woman who hired me, that I do a superb job and she doesn't know what she'd do without me. Warm fuzzies! And I plowed through so many items on my to-do list with big red wavy marker lines that it looked like the page was bleeding. Done, done, done, done, DONE! haHA!

Seeing a bookmobile in the village on my way home. It brought back all kinds of warm and fuzzy memories of climbing up the stairs into the bookmobiles that came around to the various neighborhoods and bases where we lived when I was a kid, and running my fingers over the much-abused paperbacks on shelves reaching to the curved ceiling of the bus. The selections were never that great, or at least, never that much to my taste, and I would often end up with a pile of books I would never normally have read, grubby copies of stories about children on the run in Nazi-invaded Poland or a woman winding up her wedding ring inside a ball of yarn to keep it from her kidnapper while they drove for miles.

I was so drugged with fatigue after work yesterday that I barely made it through dinner/bath/bedtime for the kids before collapsing myself at EIGHT THIRTY. I slept really hard and woke up feeling well-rested. If Anders wasn't hosting a Scout board meeting at our house tonight, I would have been tempted to repeat the experience. Waxing lyrical about a good night's sleep makes me feel like I'm 70 years old, though. *sigh*

Getting new music recommendations from all over the blogosphere. Thanks BP! Thanks GeorgiaMars! Thanks Dooce! So much good stuff out there I may NEVER go to bed tonight! Sleep schmeep.

Really Great Writing Out There Right Now: Seasonal turf war
mood: cheerful
music: Magnet—Little Miss More or Less

oooh yay!

I knew you would like magnet-- he's from over there somewhere, I think-- Norway? Finland? Not sure--

And YAY for you sleeping!

My work here is done--


It's SPRIIIINNNGGG! ;-)'re right, the selection was always crappy. But oh, how I loved the mere idea of them. Wouldn't it be cool to have one's own bookmobile? It could be decorated in some wacky fashion and loaded with books one truly loves. I suppose there are City regulations that prevent total strangers from just roaming around neighborhoods in bookmobiles...but still, a girl can dream... :)

Woo Hoooo! Linked av Liz - doesn't get any finer than that. Unless of course the sun actually starts shining...that'd be good.

I especially like that you got kudos at work - you've been busting your butt there and you deserve for somebody to tell you how groovy you are.

I'd better check if I'm still on your friends page before I ask, since I've been so deliquent in my updates, but I'm gonna ask there a deadline for the page?

No, of course not (to the deadline) and yes, of course you still are (to the Flist!)

Oh, I'm sorry, by the way, I'm off subject. I mean a page for your book. I'm sure you figured that out but I was coming out of left field, as usual. : )

Great compliment from your boss's boss! Be proud of yourself (and the major quantity of red slashed on the to do list!) Sometimes I go to bed early too- its allowed ;)


Hey, I wrote today about all the things that made me happy, and I did so before I saw you post. jinx.


You owe me a Coke!

Well done on the positive affirmation, that is great!

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