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Spring hasn't quite sprung, as the grass isn't riz, but it's surely on its way! See the egg in the 2nd picture? That's EXACTLY what color the sky was today. Friends for dinner cancelled due to a sick child (theirs), so we took a leisurely day to enjoy the sunshine. The whole neighborhood seemed to ring like a bell with the shouts and laughter of children wearing fleece instead of heavy winter jackets and the sun was warm and welcoming. We went up to the nursery and brought home a flat of pansies, now proudly planted in the front-yard pots. And we colored eggs! Of course, we did! This year, a friend gave the kids a "Shake & Dazzle" kit, and we used that on about half a dozen, but the kids preferred the old-fashioned vinegar & food coloring dyes and spent a happy half hour turning the tips of their fingers purple and red. Today, Easter Eve, in Sweden, it's estimated that SIX MILLION eggs are consumed. We actually didn't eat any except the one Karin ate that cracked when she shook and dazzled a little too hard. But we'll be making up for it tomorrow after the annual easter egg hunt in the park behind Malmö castle.

(Hippity Hop and Easter's on its Way)
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Hee! Well, not me personally, you understand. But the 9 million inhabitants of Sweden, yes. I don't know how that compares to other countries, though, on the average. It must be a hella lot of eggs worldwide this weekend, though!

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