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from Liz, Anders, Martin & Karin (she's a chick in an egg, in case you are wondering)

mood: awake
music: The Corrs—All the Love in the World


They are so cute.
Glad Påsk till er med.

It did take me a couple of seconds to figure out the chick and egg thing. Cute.

Happy Easter!

Awww, Happy Easter. I always love the shots you post of your children.

So cute!!!!!

Could your kids be any cuter? I don't think so. Happy Easter!


Happy bunny day!


That is so cute. At first, I thought that Karin was applying to join KISS. :)


Oh my - that is such a cute picture! Hope you had a wonderful Easter. :)

Kestrel (

I was just thinking I needed a Karin & Martin fix. They are such gorgeous, goofy kids! LOVE Karin's face paint!!

Her smile reminds me of The Joker, though :D *eep!*

Your kids are too cute. Thank you for telling us what Karin is- I needed the help. Great make-up by the way. We each have a set of bunny ears and we have worn them often in the last few weeks.

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