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I am not a patient person at the best of times, although I have been known to wait, on occasion, with grace and graciousness (despite, or in spite of, any internal seething that may or may not take place). Things I hate waiting for, among other things, include:
  • traffic jams when I can't see the reason for the holdup
  • my children to hop to it and do whatever it is I've asked them to do
  • people to arrive at a designated time
  • my husband to come home whenever he's out
  • bedtime
  • certain writers to update their journals (hint, hint)
  • a girl like you (O Foreigner! You had me at Cold As Ice)
  • dial-up connections
  • anticipated things to happen
My poor husband has been dealing with this now for over 10 years, and frankly, it's a wonder he hasn't killed me and stuffed my body in a drainage ditch somewhere. My poor family has been dealing with it for over 40 years and my siblings are also impatient so we spark off each other and make my poor mother, front-runner for Most Patient Person on the Face of the Earth Who Doesn't Deserve These Hellbound Children, suffer. My poor children are saving it all up for their therapists. I can't count the number of times Martin has exasperatedly said, "I AM ALREADY!" when I repeat, only moments later, a directive that I didn't hear a response for the first time. I've lost count of the times I've backpedaled and said, "Sorry! Sorry, okay, okay" when it's my own fault for being impatient.

My mom thinks my daughter, who has Speed (the white hyperactivity-inducing kind, not just the forward-motion kind) coursing through her veins, was put on this Earth to teach me patience. I think she was put on this Earth to TORTURE ME TO DEATH with repetitive noises and stubbornness to out-stubborn a stubborn thing. Whenever my family goes walking somewhere, it's Karin and I way out in front, Martin and Anders moseying along behind. Somehow it works.

I don't want to wait. I want things to happen NOW, when I want them to happen. I'm good at counseling patience for my children when necessary, but it's a hypocritical stance and they know it. How can I teach them the value of patience when I can so rarely see it myself? Patience, schmatience, says one vulture to another, I'm going out and KILL SOMETHING.

How do you keep your cool in the face of your own impatience? I think that part of the reason I'm so good at multi-tasking is because it allows me to jump from one thing to another when the first thing is taking too long, and back again, etc. I also think that my impatience is the reason why I tend to only write short pieces, poetry and essays for example, instead of novels. I think that being impatient has helped my decision-making skills because being driven crazy by waffling on the part of others tends to make me force decisions and consensus. I suppose that can be both good and bad.

What do you think?

C'mon, hurry up, I'm waiting!
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Well, I didn't want to keep you waiting...

And I'm on my way to bed. But I feel you, I'm impatient as hell too, but burn-out helped because now I've become so slow (in my own opinion anyway) myself.

When it comes to writing a novel, I think adeptness at writing short stories is an advantage. A good chapter can, in itself, make a good short story. All you need in order to merge your short stories into a novel is a theme, some kind of cohesion. Add a storyline. Personally, my trouble with writing (and novels in particular) is that I have the whole book thought out, but lack the patience to perfect each chapter. I really need to write short stories.

Have faith!

Stubbornness to out-stubborn a stubborn thing. That's a beautiful analogy. *sniff* *wipes a tear*

On patience: Don't ask me, I ain't got none!

I was too impatient to come up with something better! HAHA! but that's why you keep coming back, isn't it? The perfect analogies. I knew it! :D

Absolutely! They're on my favorites list, right up there with, "Her vocabulary was as bad as, like, whatever." and "He was as tall as a six-foot-three-inch tree."


(no subject) - (Anonymous)

That's exactly how I am...and I don't know which things trigger the impatience. Sometimes waiting is no problem at all. Maybe then it's just resignation, and not patience at all.


Oh dear Seester I think you have got me beat! I would say (all my life) that this was the lesson I had to learn in this life! Well that and forgiveness.
But I have learned some thanks in part to Tom (the slowest of slow)but mainly I must say with my daughter.
So I dare say I actually have more than you at this point. But we shall see come May or maybe June when we are all in the same house!!


At which point, my head may explode. :D

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Yes! :) We're leaving on May 25th, and we get back on June 4th.


Bet mine blows first!!!!

I won't take that bet! D:


Smart Seester!!!
: )


Man, I really want to respond. But not just yet. You're going to have to wait for it. Mwahaha ;)


Haa! I asked for that, didn't I?! *fumes*

From one highly impatient person to another, i agree with you about where multi-tasking skills might stem from. But as for teaching children the value of patience, well, I think it's nice to see that your parents are only human and that you too can teach them something. That could make a nice lesson in itself ... 'here is my flaw, help me with it, what is yours, I'll help you, immediately, right now, NOW!!!'

ha ha

hmmm, let me think about this-- I'll get back to you.


Only kidding--- I have developed patience-- mostly as a schoolteacher-- either you develop it or you die.


Re: ha ha

that makes sense, and is probably one of the biggest reasons why I never pursued a teaching career :)

HA! I see myself so much in this post. I've started to be a little better about it--since Bean. I try not to have so much of an agenda, but I'd prefer not to be waiting around...that's why I HATE where i'm at right now: in limbo, waiting for nine zillion really important things to happen, so i feel your agony.

oooh you're describing me to a T!

Second thing I can't stand is procrastination. I get extremely impatient at people who hum and haw and wait and see and sleep on it and....

Me, too. Drives me nuts, it does.

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