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for her fierce hugs, for her animated faces, for her bouncing, never-stop boisterousness

for his twinkle, for the chance to make his dimple appear like a blinking star in the velvet expanse of his cheek, for his concentration and creativity

for his hands on me, his arms around me, his careful, thoughtful ways that fill up my days and make my home a haven

for her quiet smile, and her wise words, for her harmony: a subtle soprano to my supporting alto, and the chance to let our lifelong friendship blossom into maturity through closer contact

for a warm, furry pelt to pet, a head-butting demanding head under my hand, the contented puttering motor of a purr beneath my chin

for the sharing and the caring and the love and support, for the beauty, humor, peace and friendship I find here everyday

for the funds to come and visit, me to you, and you to me, or a way to fix it so that no one is the long-distance loser no matter where we live

for time, more of it; there's never enough

for the words to come, for the words to flow and show you what I'm thinking, what I'm feeling, why I'm sighing, how I'm singing


ahem. *clears throat* Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to YOU! Happy Birthday to yooooou! HAAAAAPY BIIIIIRTHDAAAAYYYY TOOOO YOOOOU!! jackiejj, blue_eyed_girl, and Blogcabin Meggie!

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It's a beauty of a post dearie.


Your words *are* coming. They *are* flowing. You might not see that, but they are.


The first 3 really made me smile.

sometimes you strike cords like you wouldn't believe.

thank you.

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