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On Thursday night we drove 4.5 hours north to Sotens Fiskeby, a little sommarstuga village on the rocky western coast of Sweden. The coltsfoot are blooming, faking me out with their dandelion-like faces, and all the willows, large and small, are full of pussywillows. There were maybe a handful of other people there, since it is well before the season starts and it was very quiet in the village. We explored the next morning and climbed the rocks behind the cottage up to the highest point on the island. We went to Nordens Ark, a lovely and wonderful zoo that works with endangered animals from all over the planet. We went to Smögen and ate shrimp and salmon. We visited studiozoe and her nice man and their sheep. We stopped at Liseberg in Gothenburg on the way home, but the rain and the chill finally drove us the rest of the way home. A nice long weekend away, just what we needed.

Photos from Sotens Fiskeby: Page 1, Page 2
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Those are nice pictures. Karin is especially cute as usual. Where does she find those hats and looks anyway?

Also, how far from the Norwegian border is Sotens Fiskeby? I'm only curious, since I've been up to Fjällbacka once, not too far away from the Norwegian border.

It's probably about another 2 hours, if that to the border.

Lovely pics. That area is surprisingly like our Peggy's Cove. All granite and
stubby growth.

What a lovely time! These photos are GORGEOUS (love the one of Martin,esp!) Pre-season vacations like that are just the best!


Yay! I'm glad you were having fun. You know I was a little worried about you.


I know, I'm sorry. I thought I had said I was going to be gone, but apparently it wasn't prominent enough :)

The colors in your photos are so crisp! (I really need to get a camera I don't have to hit to make it work.) :)

LOL! I sometimes want to hit ours. It behaves bizarrely sometimes.

Incredible photos. I love the one of the encrusted chain.

Sounds lovely, love the pics!

the west coast is marvelous, isn't it! i loved nordens ark too when i went there. and having shrimp in smögen is never wrong. did you visit the fish auction there? it's fun to watch.

No, we were only there for about an hour. It was totally off-season, nothing much was open yet. :)

What?! No mention of Sixten, the world's most pathetic cat, and his amazing talent of on-cue disgustingness?

it's coming! I NEED a photo, though! Can't you get him on film and send me a shot I can use? (with proper credit, of course)

Breath Taking

Martin looks so content soaking up the whole experiance. When I scrolled down & this orange fuzzy thing started to appear ... I really thought you had captured something from the sea. To my surprise it was Karin :)

Three cheers to the four of you getting away, those off-season long weekends to reconnect are powerful.

What a neat getaway! It looks cool and beautiful there. I think I would love it. :) Great photos, too...thanks for sharing them. My favorite is the one you're calling "Chain of Life". That is an amazing image.

I'm so glad you got a little R & R - you deserve it!


I just LOVE that clam picture. It's so unique and full of pattern and shape. And Karin's hat! I'm so glad you guys were able to run away and have some adventures.


Beautiful pics, such a remote and lonely feeling, but in a good way.

Simply gorgeous. I like how the shells almost look like a lilac and how Karin's hat is on fire.

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