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On Thursday night we drove 4.5 hours north to Sotens Fiskeby, a little sommarstuga village on the rocky western coast of Sweden. The coltsfoot are blooming, faking me out with their dandelion-like faces, and all the willows, large and small, are full of pussywillows. There were maybe a handful of other people there, since it is well before the season starts and it was very quiet in the village. We explored the next morning and climbed the rocks behind the cottage up to the highest point on the island. We went to Nordens Ark, a lovely and wonderful zoo that works with endangered animals from all over the planet. We went to Smögen and ate shrimp and salmon. We visited studiozoe and her nice man and their sheep. We stopped at Liseberg in Gothenburg on the way home, but the rain and the chill finally drove us the rest of the way home. A nice long weekend away, just what we needed.

Photos from Sotens Fiskeby: Page 1, Page 2
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What a lovely time! These photos are GORGEOUS (love the one of Martin,esp!) Pre-season vacations like that are just the best!

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lizardek's obiter photos
lizardek's obiter photos

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