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After doing all this:
  • getting up at 6:30 a.m.

  • fixing breakfast for the kids, dressing them, getting their teeth brushed

  • getting out the door, dropping them off at daycare and school

  • working 8+ hours (with a break for a yummy oriental AWC lunch in the middle)

  • picking up the kids from daycare and school

  • driving to the grocery store, shopping, driving home again

  • fixing dinner for the kids (plockmat) and me (salmon pirogi)

  • putting a load of laundry in

  • filling the dishwasher

  • giving the kids a bath, getting pajamas on, reading bedtime stories

  • picking up

  • answering emails

  • fixing some AWC web stuff, and doing more corrections on the directory

  • folding laundry and putting it away, plus the load from yesterday that was still sitting in the hallway
It's already after 9 p.m. and I don't have much time for any of these:
  • working on my collage book

  • updating my CD wish list for Christmas for my mom

  • finishing A Jest of God by Margaret Laurence so I can start reading something I like better
  • editing photos for our family website

  • surfing the web and downloading pretty things (check this out: Children's Books Online)
before collapsing, muddy and exhausted.
mood: exhausted
music: washing machine whirlio


You need to add a couple more hours to the day. *smile* I'm sorry you don't have much "play" time, it seems to be a rare commodity some days. The book site is just awesome. Right now I am downloading train and plane images from this site: and then will be going back to the book site.

Tell me about it! A couple more hours would be super! It's mostly because Anders is gone all week, so things that he would normally spell me on, I'm stuck doing all myself. LimesRoad is great! I grabbed a couple of things off it earlier today. The book site has me reeling though! There is SO much there!!

Sounds like an equally busy day as I've had :( Except I don't have human kids, just doggie kids. :) teehee!

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