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After doing all this:
  • getting up at 6:30 a.m.

  • fixing breakfast for the kids, dressing them, getting their teeth brushed

  • getting out the door, dropping them off at daycare and school

  • working 8+ hours (with a break for a yummy oriental AWC lunch in the middle)

  • picking up the kids from daycare and school

  • driving to the grocery store, shopping, driving home again

  • fixing dinner for the kids (plockmat) and me (salmon pirogi)

  • putting a load of laundry in

  • filling the dishwasher

  • giving the kids a bath, getting pajamas on, reading bedtime stories

  • picking up

  • answering emails

  • fixing some AWC web stuff, and doing more corrections on the directory

  • folding laundry and putting it away, plus the load from yesterday that was still sitting in the hallway
It's already after 9 p.m. and I don't have much time for any of these:
  • working on my collage book

  • updating my CD wish list for Christmas for my mom

  • finishing A Jest of God by Margaret Laurence so I can start reading something I like better
  • editing photos for our family website

  • surfing the web and downloading pretty things (check this out: Children's Books Online)
before collapsing, muddy and exhausted.


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