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Sing in the car the whole way there, along the highway and up the hill, while the sky blazes blue around you. A tiny bird darts zippity up, first a no-winged bullet, then an aeroplane. Airplane should always be spelled with 'aero' instead. It seems more...aerodynamic, somehow.

Sing as you drive up the road and down again, searching for a parking place along the edges of the park. Usually parking is no problem, but tonight it's jampacked up one side and down the other. Is there something going on at the Stadium? In the park? Just people out enjoying the first really warm day of the year?

Sing as you give up and pull into the pay-parking zone. Hop out happy since you have change in your wallet and don't need to worry about a ticket, tra la! Sing as you walk down the street under the budding chestnut trees. Ignore those people who are giving you funny looks. Raise your voice a bit.

Sing as you trip lightly up the stairwell, everything echoes like your own personal back-up singers. 10 steps, then turn, 10 steps again. Going up the stairs and going up the scale simultaneously.

Sit in your chair as the choir gathers around you. Smile at the faces that smile back, and sing! In comes Eva and raises her hands, everyone together and again, and again. Sing in your chair, with your throat opening wide. The songs pour out if you let them, there's no need to strive for the sound. Hit a sour note and grimace at the sopranos like it's their fault and then giggle madly, still singing, that's a good trick.

Be silent all the way home, full up with song.
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music: James Taylor—Walking Man


Now I'm singing!

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