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Hrm...note to self: poetry and singing posts gather no comments. Or else it's the dead weekend posting zone. Or else everyone is out of town. When did I become so needy addicted to dependent on interested in the responses and reactions from the figments people inside my computer? Hrm, indeed. I know! I'll try posting my 2 latest pages from my collage book! Hey, you! Look, over here! Something shiny!

page 16page 17.jpg

(See all the collage pages so far...)
mood: artistic
music: Naked Eyes—Voices in My Head


Well, here's the first, most sincere: these are wonderful, and my favorite is the children against blue, with purple ribbons!

Oh! The owl and the pussycat in your userpic! I love that poem, and that illustration.

it IS the dead weekend lj, however, those pages are terrific!
i like them all, but i love two:


thank'ee kindly, ma'am! I like the lady in #4 a lot, too. I wish I knew who she was, or at least who the photographer was!

i love how you have the envelope at the bottom-- perfection!
you've made a wonderful photograph even more wonderful.
i love collage :) know what i mean by "envelope"...i didn't explain that very well.
it's reminiscent of an envelope is more like what i mean. meant. whatever. *snort*

Heh. I knew what you meant :)

All of your pages are absolutely gorgeous! I always feel inspired after looking at your work :)

"Ring Me" still captivates me the most though I can't quite articulate why...

hell, whenever you post pictures of nekkid women you know I'LL comment! ;-)

then I'll post 'em more often. I assume you mean page 15? :P

oh so pretty and shiny!! im diggin pages 9 and 14 but they're all beautiful of course :)

so sorry

oh lizardek-- I'm sorry-- I read both posts and didn't get off my lard ass to comment-- *hangs head*-- am LAZY like that

LOVE the collages--- especially the one on the right-- gorgeous.


Re: so sorry

silly poo! I was kidding. I know people are reading, but I suspect I'm spoiled by the comments I do receive. I just want more! More! It's all about memememememe! HAA


I'm always playing catch up in comment-land, but I figure you know that about me by me.

:D I was mostly joking. I know how things are on the weekend, and especially in the Spring!

by NOW. Even when I find the time to comment, it's rarely quality time!

Purty :)

Very pretty.

The weather is just too pretty and spring so ridiculously frantic to be behind the computer for long. Hence the limited comments and posts on my part. Nothing personal Liz, you and your journal are still wonderful and very comment worthy.

LOL! Thank you for acknowledging my need for validation. :D I'm (mostly) kidding. I haven't been at the computer much myself!

FYI - I rarely read LJ during the weekend. :)

The blue and purple one I LOVE! (Oh, and I haven't forgotten that I owe you a page for your book. I just got a table! So maybe I'll actually get to do some crafty stuff now!)

:) *hughughugs* I've never really done collages. Might have to play now. :)

Hey kiddo, I'm thinking of you (and your dad)

great collages :)

as for comments on poetry, I think you need to write it and post it for yourself, and any comments then received all the greater :)

(hmmmmmm smiley faces, got to cut down on them :)

yes, I know. And I do, but it was also one of the first times I've put my own out there, so I was a little more sensitve than normal.

no need to be. they were good. :)

I love to give compliments

Everyone loves to comment about collages! Lizardek -- your collages are amazing. You don't need our compliments. You must know yourself how beautiful they are.


Re: I love to give compliments

Hee! It's always nice to get validation, though, don't you agree?

They're lovely! (See? fishing will get you everywhere!)

:) Yay for fishing!

i like them both, though i must say the one with the children in it is my favorite of the two.

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