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I was early to our choir concert today and I sat out in the garden to wait and I closed my eyes and lifted my face to the sunlight and burned the insides of my eyelids to red. Behind my eyes the red intensified and it glowed molten and got richer and deeper and orange (orangier?) with every second. I kept thinking it would go black but it never did and then I couldn't stand it anymore and I had to open them and cool them off with the sight of white hyacinth and wind-blowsy daffodils.

Spring has boiled over in Sweden and things are a-popping. Anders has even mowed the lawn once already! The bird cherries are clouds of white and forsythias flame over every garden fence. 20 minutes south in Malmö the magnolias and cherry trees are blooming, and the trees have already started to fill out. Up here the leaves are still so new that they almost look as if they don't belong to the tree, they look more as if a hovering cloud of motionless green butterflies have surrounded the bare trunk and branches of each tree and are waiting to attack.

Speaking of attack: AAAGH MY EYES!! THEY ITCH! If I'm outside for more than 10 minutes I start sneezing and then I sneeze and sneeze and sneeze and I blow through a pack of tissues and then I can't stop the irresistible urge to just rub my eyes once, just to squash the itch and HA! When your eyes itch like this you cannot rub them just once, suddenly you are rubbing and RUBBING AND RUBBING and AAAGH MY EYES!!! They're on fire, they're burning!! Stupid $%#@! allergies.

I am dying of allergies. Whatever you do, don't send flowers.
mood: aggravated


i was in a rather pissy mood yesterday because my allergies were so bad that i couldnt go outside. i have taken pills, drops and a nasal spray and i still feel the itching. my left eye itches the most and ive rubbed it so much that its bloodshot and swollen. i ended up buying this nasal spray that has cortison in it and today i could be out for at least an hour at a time! woohoo!

but no fear...all this itching should be over soon! hang in there!

Hayfever is really so ironic.

Especially when there isn't any HAY! Stupid allergies.

A couple of days ago I was at a stoplight and sniiiiiffed in the air and thought, "Oh, my favorite smell!" Across the street someone was mowing the large lawn surrounding a church on a riding mower. About two seconds after that my eyes started to burn and I started sneezing. I didn't used to be this allergic , but it's really been driving me nuts the last few years. And it's so unfair - the weather finally invites going outside and doing that makes me miserable. Grrr.

I know! It's such a drag, when it's FINALLY spring and finally gorgeous here, and 10 minutes after going outside I'm sneezing my head off and miserable. argh. Hopefully it will be gone after a week or two. I never used to have this problem either, my allergies were more spread out, never this intense at one time.

i promise not to send flowers. ;)

and use lotsa hand sanitizer
so when you DO RUB YOUR EYES
(cuz i know you will)
you won't spread the pollen as much.

can'!! dammit.

I am guessing just sending pollen wouldn't be appreciated either ;)

Heh. Especially if it's the birch or grass variety.


(Chiefbiscuit here - I can't seem to leave a quote except by the anonymous route) - Your latest post puts me in mind of one of my friends who says she just wants to take out her eyes and give them a good scratch. Hope the sun doesn't bother you too much - too much sun must be a nice complaint to have after a long winter! :)

You have to have an LJ account (or use that OpenID thingy which I don't know how it works) if you want to leave a comment that isn't anonymous. I have several blog friends that have created LJ accounts solely in order to be able to comment on their LJ friends' journals. :)

Too much sun is something we NEVER complain about here in Sweden since it is a rare gift. :)


ooooo.... you are the keeper of all the best words. i meant to tell you that when I read your poems the other day, but I was in a rush (and also in a mood), so I didn't comment. Because you are a delight meant to be savoured, to be rolled slowly on the tongue. I love that in the midst of irritating pollen and hopping children and choir duty and work stuff and all the activity that swirls around you constantly, it is the quiet moments when you close your eyes against the sun that you chose to describe here. Delicious, intimate.

And OMG! Can i tell you that I think the indigo collage with the purply strips is your very best ever?! It's so... I dunno. Evocative, arty. There's a real sense of discovery about it and I just love those purply strips, coming down like a forest of trunks, or banners of spirituality or or or something. It's stunning. It is rocking my world. It should have a title. Does it have a title?!

adoringly, always, Wee xoxo

What would I do without you to boost my ego to the skies, wee?? It doesn't have an official title, but while I was making it I kept thinking "behind the curtain" so we can say that's the title. :)


They say the pollen is really, really bad in Germany this year and we're all itching and sneezing away too, even without any hay. Maybe it's the same in Sweden?


Yep, it's the birch trees, and the grasses. *itches*

As I drove to the office today with the windows down, having dropped the allergic children off at daycare, I sniffed and smelled the lilacs starting to open up. Ahhh, heaven, I thought, and then I wondered if people who suffer from allergies smell these wonderful smells and think, oh hell!

Lilac isn't a problem, actually. It's almost always the grass and the trees that people are allergic to in the spring, particularly birch.


Hey, you should really look into allergy shots. Seriously.

~Sprigs.'s only a couple of weeks during the spring, then it's back to regular allergy reactions the rest of the year. (mostly sneezing, and fairly minor). I don't know that I want to bother with shots here, as I'd be willing to bet the doctors would think it wasn't necessary, and the hassle isn't worth it for something temporary.

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