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Large Straight: a double rainbow over Flyinge as I drove home yesterday
Small Straight: the Festis juice bottles in my refrigerator: green, yellow, orange, red

I'm in the middle (yes, still) of reading A Jest of God by Margaret Laurence, and I'm really having to force myself to finish. We read one of her books in book group some months ago and afterwards I borrowed several more of her books from a friend and devoured them. The only one she didn't have was this one, so I put it on my "books to buy" list and my mother found it at a used bookstore and mailed it to me in one of her periodic and extremely welcome book care packages. What a disappointment it's turning out to be. I can't believe of all Laurence's books, THIS is the one they chose to make a movie out of. Although, apparently the movie was Paul Newman's directorial debut with Joanne Woodward in the lead role, and got 4 Oscar nominations, so maybe I should just ditch the printed version and go rent the film. I just keep wanting to slap the title character and tell her to SNAP OUT OF IT.

Tonight is choir, and I've missed the last two weeks, so despite not really having the funds, I've asked Erika to babysit, since Anders' parents weren't available. Maybe I should put up one of those websites asking strangers to send me money to finance my life. haha!! ha.


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