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A great many of my favorite authors are also poets, and if they're not poets, then they're as wordsmithy AS poets, and often they use snippets and quotations and poetry in their books, to head chapters or reference or set a mood. This one is in the endpiece of Sheri S. Tepper's Sideshow. She's a favorite because her books are NEVER predictable. I like predictability in my real life (to a certain extent, and even to a CERTAIN extent, if you know what I mean) but I don't like it in my reading.* Anyway, this poem struck me like a bell. I used it in one of the pages of my collage book as well.

by Koi Bashi

heaven longing ape
angel who stumbles
blind light bearer
who falls and fumbles
worshiper of error
seeker after truth
hurting and aging
lover of lovely youth
wild beast raging
craven and brave
freak of fashion
and custom's slave
puppet of passion
lowest and loftiest
a sideshow gape
god's fool, nature's jest
heaven longing ape

For more wonderful poetry, visit the Poetry Thursday website.

*I don't like it in my viewing either which is why I'm very hard to please with movies or television. Hollywood endings are almost always WAY too easy to figure out.
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o my. That's incredible. I am so in love with the poem. It has a long-armed, swinging ape rhythm to it, oh my, oh my, oh my! and thank you!!!

xo Wee


I forgot to mention.... that particular collage page? Is tied for first with "behind the curtain" in my arty heart-heart where I keep only the most spectacularly beautiful collections.xo Wee

That means a LOT to me. Especially since that collage page was one of my "failures with glue." :)


Really? Jeez.... you're going to have to show me the knack of "failing" with such grace! Cuz my flops? Are brutal. Trust me on this. xoxox Wee

I didn't realize there was a webisite. I thought the PoetryThursday thing was your own creation.

Like this poem. Your taste in poetry largely overlaps with my own.

How nice! No, it was Liz Elayne's idea over at her blog originally and then she and Lynn-sprigs put up a site dedicated to it. :)

Great poem - and great use of it in your very cool collage!

PT is a great idea

A great number of my favorite authors are poets, too, as well as a great number of my favorite people! I love your little avatars. Great site.

not-anonymous-Julie (of

Re: PT is a great idea

Thank you! How fun that you stopped by!

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