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What is wrong with this picture?

Anders and the kids left this morning for overnight scout camp.

It is sunny, blue-skied and breezy out.

I can hear birds singing from all directions because all the windows are open.

Loud and cheerful music is playing on my stereo.

I am inside: deep spring cleaning.


I shall stop soon and go for a walk.

I may also, at some point, feel the urge to make a bullet-point list of my cleaning accomplishments here because that way I increase the chances of getting some applause for a job well-done, which I will not otherwise receive, and which lack will make me sad. I may also manage to restrain myself, because really, who (else) gives a rat's ass about the state of my house?

Why would anyone GIVE a rat's ass anyway? I would prefer the whole rat, in that case. Although a bunny would be even more preferable, if any rodent-receiving needs to take place at all.

Bright and Breezy, Huggy Squeezy Birthday Wishes to redpirk!

Really Great Writing Out There Right Now: Our Summer Skin
mood: busy
music: Smash Mouth—Walking on the Sun


I'm still jealous! Our weather is very cloudy with occasional showers. How much nicer to be able to throw the windows open to the fresh air while cleaning. Have a nice walk and I'll give you applause for your hard work, list or no list.


You give a rat's ass because a bunny butt just doesn't have the same ring to it!!!! wahaha


*giggles madly*

I would prefer the whole rat, in that case. Although a bunny would be even more preferable, if any rodent-receiving needs to take place at all.

how about a guinea pig baby? :-)

LOL! I KNEW you couldn't resist that comment! I was WAITING for it! :D NO! NO NO NONONOOO!!


i'm so pathetically transparent and predictable so you should take one just out of pity. :-)

Re: hooked!

Nice try, you guineapigbaby pusher!


I care.....much nicer to visit! Then, you won't feel any need to do anything except "entertain" - when we arrive next month! :) Besides- it's a good feeling to look at a job well done! I've swept out the garage today- and now starting on the bedroom curtains and ???? Love, Lizardmom

So far, I've stripped the kid's beds, washed 4 loads of laundry, including bedding and rugs, picked up, dusted and vacuumed Martin & Karin's room and the playroom, taken out 7 bags of garbage, washed all the garbage cans, and watered all the plants/bushes outside. I've also started dusting, and am halfway through organizing the crap in the art bench, and vacuuming the rest of the house. I still have 2 loads of laundry and the bathrooms to clean tonight. :)

Ha! I caught you. You made a list of all of your accomplishments anyway. And in response to your MOM.

I'm shaking my head in some kind of head-shaking emotion that I can't really name.

(And a little guilt because I still haven't even put away the two bags of laundry that are still in the hallway that I did several days ago. Much easier just to live out of them.)

Admiration, perhaps? Envy? No wait, I know...AWE! I also went grocery shopping! Ta-dah! *bows*

and the award for best blog entry title goes to......


Re: and the award for best blog entry title goes to......

LOL! I was going to write OMGWTF409 since that used to be my favorite cleaning tool back in the States, but they don't have it here, and I wasn't sure people would get the reference :D

My dear Liz, I've missed reading you so terribly much and had to go back through the past week and consume every word. The fire--wow, how terrifying, immense, unimaginable. What a reality check! The poem--so good, as always. I loved the jaunty rhyming going on throughout... Your collage pages--I adore them. They're so vintage, victorian, romantic, beautiful. Your cleaning frenzy: I've been in one too! Write a list and we can compare notes. For example, for the first time all year, I actually wiped the dust form on top of the mixer that stands on our counter. 1 check for me! :) Grin... go outside and enjoy the beauty of sunny weather!

I've missed you, too! You're so busy, you're like a whirlwind! I'm glad that you are taking moments to stop and smell the flowers (and take photos) and enjoy the days!

I´ve been as busy as you have been! It feels good. Maybe I should try a check list and that will make things seem so much more organised.

I'm a bit jealous, but not too much! I hate house cleaning, but I like a clean house. Congrats! I wish I could get the folks in this house to leave for a day or two, as well.

Back in the days of rugrats (trans:my children underfoot) running around, my favorite thing to do (besides sleep) if daddio or someone took them away for awhile was to clean house UNINTERRUPTED. Yeah.

I've had a crazy week and am quite behind in my blog-reading...but wanted to stop by today to say "Happy Mother's Day, Liz!"...Martin and Karin are so very lucky to have you as their Mom. xoxo

You're sweet! Thank you :)

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