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What is wrong with this picture?

Anders and the kids left this morning for overnight scout camp.

It is sunny, blue-skied and breezy out.

I can hear birds singing from all directions because all the windows are open.

Loud and cheerful music is playing on my stereo.

I am inside: deep spring cleaning.


I shall stop soon and go for a walk.

I may also, at some point, feel the urge to make a bullet-point list of my cleaning accomplishments here because that way I increase the chances of getting some applause for a job well-done, which I will not otherwise receive, and which lack will make me sad. I may also manage to restrain myself, because really, who (else) gives a rat's ass about the state of my house?

Why would anyone GIVE a rat's ass anyway? I would prefer the whole rat, in that case. Although a bunny would be even more preferable, if any rodent-receiving needs to take place at all.

Bright and Breezy, Huggy Squeezy Birthday Wishes to redpirk!

Really Great Writing Out There Right Now: Our Summer Skin
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