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The rapeseed is blooming! There's a huge swath of neon-yellow in the field behind our house and when you crest the hill from Lund you can see a green and brown and yellow patchwork quilt spread out in front of you, with rapeseed glowing in giant yellow squares and skinny pointy windmills turning slowing in the breeze. If you start counting quickly, just as you go over the top, you can count 22 of them before you reach the bottom.

I am very glad that the Eurovison Song Contest is over for another year. What a frightshow. I must apologize publicly to my friend thistimearound. She came all the way to Sweden, bringing me a box case of my very favorite candy bar in the whole world, and in return we virtually tied her down in front of a television set and forced her to endure 3 hours of flat singing, eye-popping costuming and bland, forgettable stage performances. She must think we are all completely insane to subject ourselves to such agony annually. It's like being hynotized by a snake. You just. Can't. Look. Away. Reé, you are truly a Good Sport.

Blogging For Dummies
When you sit down at the computer to write a journal post or blog entry, do you already have a subject in mind? Do you read through your blogroll first or your friend's list hoping for inspiration? Do you just start typing in the hopes that something will come of the words you spit or dribble out?

It seems that there is plenty of prompting out there right now, for those who need a nudge, in the form of different sorts of recurring memes: Self-Portrait Tuesday, Poetry Thursday, Illustration Friday, Sunday Scribblings. There was the now defunct Haiku Smackdown Thursdays and there are Photo Fridays and Friday Fives and practically one for every day of the week out there by now if you look hard enough.

So...are they aids or crutches? Are they an inevitable part of the writing life or ubiquitious proof that we're all really sheep under the surface? A way of sharing or the easy way out? Enquiring minds wanna know...what do you think?
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journal prompts

I kind of wish that they actually led to people writing their hearts off but more often then not they lead ot a journal starting to look like a questionare.

Just take a look at the last one here

A question like this one: 3. Have you ever been kissed in the rain?
OMG! That is SO a whole journal entry right there!! Instead people treat it like a poll and say stuff like "Yes and a car honked when they drowe by" or "Yes, that was yummy :)"

Promting is a great tool if it is used for actual journalling.

As for your question if I have a set topic when I sit down to write (on the rare occassions i actually do write) Yeah somewhee I have an idea of what i wanna say - what I HAVE to say. I may not be a master journalist, I often just scratch the surface. There is SO much I wanna say but sometimes my own inhibitions stop me. Like right now when I am miserable and wounded and just wanna HOWL and instead create a tiny lil entry that is like a frigging snowflake in a snowstorm.

When you sit down at the computer to write a journal post or blog entry, do you already have a subject in mind?

Yes, I only post something when I have something to say or share. I usually post first, then read my friends list. Reading my friends list sometimes inspires me though.

Well, at least from April through September, I rely on Pelar Sunday to share my photos (mercifully behind cuts) of all my little babies. I have to admit that it's a bit of an ego stroking as well when I hear things like "Man, I never knew they came in so many different shapes and sizes" or "I thought they were just an old lady's flowers". (They are an old lady's flowers, MINE, but never mind.)

I talk a lot about life with Sophie as well, just like a younger woman with her children. She's my first attempt at raising a dog from a puppy and I admit to the same kind of endless fascination with her growth as some people do with their kids. The same, only different.

Since the 1st of October, I have been posting every day, something I never used to do, but mostly because I wanted to keep track of the daily sunrise and sunset and weather for a year. I guess when all's said and done, I'm a wordy old biddy and always have an opinion on something, whether it's well-formed, valid or not.

I think it depends. I personally often ramble and hope that something comes to me, but sometimes I have something specific to say.

I think one of the things it depends on is how you view your blog--that one popular blogger that everyone reads would probably be pretty dull if she followed along with the friday fives and all the rest. However, I personally don't have any desire to have a blog like hers even if I had all the same writing skill she does.. it's just not why I journal.

For the regular, everyday bloggers.. well. I think it's the easy way out only if it's done to the exclusion of everything else.. otherwise it can be a nice way to get inspired to post if one enjoys it. I think it doesn't so much matter why you write, or even what you write... as long as you do.

Just my two cents. :)

That's pretty much how I feel about blogging. First and foremost, I don't consider myself a writer -- it's actually a real struggle 90% of the time to find the words that I want to string together -- I can't say that I even ramble well ;-) So, I mostly blog for me about the daily grind (though I'm blogging just a few times a week these days). I'm no good at all at the "personal essay" style -- or with writing out my thoughts on the philosophical big picture, etc. Sometimes I really wish I were though...

When you sit down at the computer to write a journal post or blog entry, do you already have a subject in mind? Do you read through your blogroll first or your friend's list hoping for inspiration?

I do both, though most often I have something in mind or I try to get something in mind before I start. The best entries (from my point of view, not necessarily the reader's) seem to be those that I've marinated on for awhile - a thought comes in the shower and develops all day as I'm commuting and working and doing chores. While I don't often do the things that are prompted, I generally find I like them when other people do. I suppose they are crutches of a sort, but if used judiciously I don't mind them.

Sometimes I have a topic in mind and sometimes I don't. I never read through my blogroll or FL specifically to get inspiration, but sometimes it happens. I just like to ramble a lot.

I (very) occasionally do meme type things, but only if I feel like I can tell a story. Like the person upthread said, just answering yes or no is a questionaire, not a journal. I don't mind when other people do things like that, but I don't frequent journals that don't let me into the lives of the authors.


I usually just sit down and type something stupid. Prompts are nice, but there's enough stupidity in my head for a lifetime of blogging.

- Carl

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

It was, too, torture! Admit it. Torture of the best kind. Who wouldn't want to be tortured by monster-mask-wearing rake-and-rail music? :P

I'm looking forward to reading about your impressions of your visit. :)

I too generally know what I want to write about before I sit down, but I don't always know where it will take me.
I don't read my friend's page for inspiration though, I read it for fun and reflection. Often after I've posted, sometimes before. Occasionally it will spark a desire for a post, but I don't always get around to writing it. (Like the "if you can read you can cook entry I was sparked to write months ~maybe years?~ ago) I'm such a slouch on journal entries. I imagine myself writing much more than I do.

Then when I feel I haven't written in far too long but I've just corresponded with a friend on life events~ you know me~ I'll lift the letter into my journal, or just do one of my " Good about My Day" lists.

Memes I only occasionally do, if they look interesting in a friend's journal. I sometimes think they will spark an entry, but I'm in a writing lazy spell for about a year or more.

Feelings and dramatic moments in my life are what usually spark me.

There you go dear. Good way to get some comments. *only joking*

Doh! She's on to me! :P

Most of the time when I sit down to write it's because I have something to share. Sometimes if I haven't posted or have writer's block, I just sit down and start typing. Both methods have results which vary in the quality of writing.

I've never posted many memes, or quizzes. I'd rather stuff my blogging pillow with goose down, than with bits of fluff ;P

ditto carrieb

see? that's what a good wryder Iyam. i just copy, er you know take from other people when they says what I think-- or wait, maybe I just internalize it like that Harvard chickie?


Re: ditto carrieb



Every time I write, no matter what I'm writing, I have to wait for it. I sit and wait. I let my mind wander, let my mind shift into a different way of thinking. Then I start to type and see what happens. Writing every day helps, too. It allows me to go deeper, quicker.



I usually think of stuff I want to write about when I'm driving in my car. By the time I reach my destination, I've already forgotten what it was. And since I blog from work, I never have enough time to write a long post or put much thought into what I'm writing. What I'd like to start doing is take the time to write at home, where I'm not distracted, and then post from work the next morning. But, once I get home I'm pretty lazy.

I tend to write about stuff that's on my mind. I don't need much prompting, but I do like knowing that on Thursdays I will share a poem.


oops...the above comment is from Terrell... :)

I just sent you a mail...we can add a day (tuesday) if it works out.

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