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You might think this photo means I am just a material girl, but what it really means is that he listened and gave me just what I wanted just when I wanted it: his heart.

mood: happy
music: NONE. It's so quiet! Mmmm...quiet



verra purrty!!

Bling! It's gorgeous.

Ohhhhh so prety! And Happy Anniversary!

so THAT'S what happened to the Satelite diamond array in MoonRaker.....


happy anniversary!

Wow, where are my sunglasses? Gorgeous.

That is just beautiful!

Gorgeous! Nothing is more beautiful than diamonds. Wear it in good health.

Awwww, lovely!!!

I'm so jealous! Beautiful. And he LISTENED to what you wanted. The guy is a keeper!

Happy Anniversary, how sweet!

bada BLING!

hoo baby! That Anders sure knows how to dazzle his American wife, hoo-yah!


As Kanye West would say...

..."that's EXTRA fly!"

Congrats to both of you on your anniversary!


Awesome! So gorgeous - and a very happy, happy anniversary! So glad you're back, I missed you dreadfully.


Wowza! Yay!!! :)

Congratulations! How was the wedding? Did he pull anything off that coordinated your brother's wedding with your anniversary?

Happy Anniversary! The rings look beautiful and sparkly!!


Pretty! Well, I know he got lucky ... when he married you, that is!



Beautiful! And they all fit together so well, I can't wear my engagement ring and wedding ring on the same finger because they don't fit at all. Happy 10th!

Kestrel (

happy days

All the best!



So pretty! Happy 10th Anniversary.


Hey, happy belated anniversary. That looks really cool. :)


OOh, la la, beautious! And Oh, I've missed you MUCHLY too!!!

Look at you with your bling! I've been working like a maniac (and rethinking commitments, too)...just catching must be in the thick of World Cup fever by now... ;)

Is that the one with the black and white ball? :P

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