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Thinking: Where does all the money go? ACK!

Answering: "That's the one with the black and white ball, right?" every time someone asks me if I'm excited about the Soccer World Championships that start tomorrow.

Planning: A party for 25 people at my house tomorrow evening. oy! That added up fast.

Hoping: That the unbelievably wonderful weather (blue sky, sunshine, cool breeze, warm temps) will continue.

Wishing: That the photos we took on the trip with the new camera would somehow edit themselves and then post themselves online because I just don't have time.

Recommending: Really Great Writing Out There Right Now: Class of '96

Sending: Belated Birthday Wishes to nannergo, darcymcgowan, and jes6ica! Hope you all had very merry ones!

Thanking: rearviewmags for the exciting-looking CD which came in the mail while we were gone, but which I shamefully have not had time to listen to yet. Will be rectifying that tomorrow morning, STAT!

Determining: That I really can't put off some sort of weightloss-serious-exercise-program any longer. :(

Feeling: Very conflicted about my commitments to various organizations. :(

Neglecting: Poetry Thursday for 3 weeks in a row. double triple :(

Realizing: That I can't get comments if I don't post...DUH.

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