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Thinking: Where does all the money go? ACK!

Answering: "That's the one with the black and white ball, right?" every time someone asks me if I'm excited about the Soccer World Championships that start tomorrow.

Planning: A party for 25 people at my house tomorrow evening. oy! That added up fast.

Hoping: That the unbelievably wonderful weather (blue sky, sunshine, cool breeze, warm temps) will continue.

Wishing: That the photos we took on the trip with the new camera would somehow edit themselves and then post themselves online because I just don't have time.

Recommending: Really Great Writing Out There Right Now: Class of '96

Sending: Belated Birthday Wishes to nannergo, darcymcgowan, and jes6ica! Hope you all had very merry ones!

Thanking: rearviewmags for the exciting-looking CD which came in the mail while we were gone, but which I shamefully have not had time to listen to yet. Will be rectifying that tomorrow morning, STAT!

Determining: That I really can't put off some sort of weightloss-serious-exercise-program any longer. :(

Feeling: Very conflicted about my commitments to various organizations. :(

Neglecting: Poetry Thursday for 3 weeks in a row. double triple :(

Realizing: That I can't get comments if I don't post...DUH.

mood: determined
music: my mom getting ready for bed behind me, gotta go!


wanna buddy up to keep each other on track with weightloss-serious-exercise-program? i know i could use someone else asking "so, didja?" and it never hurts to have your own personal cheerleader.

Thanks for asking. I've never been very good about being motivated for myself or others, and recently turned someone else on my LJ list down for this very same sort of thing because of it. I need to figure out what I'm doing first, but I usually prefer to keep these sorts of struggles to myself because I really dislike making my weight and my attempts to get it under control the focus of my life...and I REALLY hate talking about it, to be honest. Argh.

I posted Poetry Thursday for you : )

:) I'll go read it!

YAY! glad you got it okay.

I'm listening to it right now at work!! I need a playlist! You have to send me the far I only know ONE of the songs! *struggles up from the cultural quagmire*

Nobody expected you to take time out from your vacation for poetry Thursdays. Really.

Heh. I still feel a bit guilty/sad/neglectful.


awwww.... poor comment deprived Liz!! I just wanted to tell you that I'm so very glad you're back. No post on my blog seems official uuntil you have stamped it with your comment. It's like a seal of approval. It makes all right in my cyber world. Did you know that you have the ability to make one feel safe and loved and most importantly HEARD from ocean's away?!

xo Wee

Ditto, you! There are a bunch of you that I missed dreadfully when I was away and if you don't comment I get all sad and pathetic. :)

Hey, isn't Lizardmom there now? That entitles to you to the posting equivalent of a get out of jail free card. We'll be here when you have the time.

She is! For a month! :)

Thank you for the birthday cheer! I'd offer you some chocolate-frosted yellow cake but alas, I et it up like the little piggy.

party time

What are you making for your party?


Re: party time

We made fruit salad, Swedish potato salad, 3 dozen deviled eggs (1/3 with wasabi) and a green salad buffet with 12 bowls of goodies to put in salad. Everyone brought their own meat to grill. Then we had my famous chocolate-almond and rasberry-white-chocolate baskets for dessert. YUM!


It's all cool. PT will be there whenever you are ready.


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