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Things I have done in the last 3 weeks in no particular order:
  • flown to Germany and back
  • ridden on a 1901 steam train
  • zoomed on a rodelbahn sled down a mountain
  • sung a cappella at my brother's wedding in Füssen's Lord's Hall
  • hugged my grandmother who turns 90 this year
  • froze my feet off on a hot summer day in the Baltic Sea
  • rode an awesome rollercoaster at Legoland Deutschland
  • saw The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen
  • toured Neuschwanstein castle in the SNOW
  • played cribbage with my sister
  • threatened a young child within an inch of his life
  • kissed my darling husband extra much on our 10-year wedding anniversary
  • embarrassed my brother's new wife at their wedding reception by calling up all the guys to return her apartment keys
  • figured out what 8 three times was by adding like this: 8 and 8 is 16, 16 and 16 is 32*, minus 8, causing my sister to nearly have a stroke laughing
  • wrapped prizes to mail to contest winners
  • waited 45 minutes at Tivoli's swankiest restaurant for a meal which was not worth the wait
  • peeled asparagus
  • addicted no less than 6 people to my favorite solitaire game
  • won said solitaire game when it REALLY mattered
  • watched my daughter sing and dance onstage at her end-of-kindergarten performance
  • forgot a doctor's appointment for my daughter
  • started reading The Voyage of the Dawn Treader with my son
  • watched a performance of the musical Ludwig 2 in German
  • designed an 8-page brochure
  • chased stupid loud pheasants out of the yard
  • typed peasants instead of pheasants
  • counted 31 different kinds of wildflowers on 1 walk around a lake with the kids
  • walked over 170,000 steps according to my pedometer
  • bit my tongue numerous times
  • read 1/2 of a book that I am STILL not finished with
  • made chocolate-almond pastry baskets for dessert at our party
  • watched 15 minutes of the execrable Dante's Peak...what WERE they thinking??
  • got sand in my bra
  • spoke Swedish to Germans and German to Danes
Happy Happy Belated Birthday Wishes to purrthecat, anniz and grrlpup!

*bonus points if you get the reference and not the earworm!
mood: sleepy
music: ratchety screechy pheasants in the yard


Whew, that's a jam packed 21 days!

:) And it doesn't feel like it will end anytime soon, even though my sister and her family leave on Wednesday, since my mom is here all through June :)


-Great list!
-What IS your favorite solitaire game?
-Were the peasants angry? :-)

No, they were oppressed! hahahaha!

My favorite solitaire game is called "Aces Up" (I've heard it referred to as Aces High as well. You lay out 4 cards in a row, and then remove the lowest of each suit showing. When you can't remove any more, you lay down 4 more cards on top and again remove the lowest of each card showing. If you create holes you can move any card into them. The object is to end up with the 4 aces left and nothing else. Fast and easy :)


Oops, that was me just then. I always forget that these LiveJournal sites don't automatically show a name!



Yeah, and that's the SHORT list!


Um... how on earth do you peel asparagus and for what? ANd also... does peeled asparagus make your pee less... um, vile? Inquiring minds wanna know.

xo Wee

Hee! It was white asparagus and apparently it has to be peeled in order to be edible (who knew?) because it has a very woody coating. I had a super-crap potato peeler which took FOREVER, but there are actual "asparagus peelers" out there for the compleat kitchen.

Forgot to add, after we peeled it, it was steamed. Or boiled. Or something.

Did you bite your tongue for real, like ouch when you're eating, or was it the try hard not to say something kind of bite? 'Cause I do the ouch kind a lot more often than you'd think and I was going to offer some sympathy since it hurts like a bitch. But if it was the don't say it kind, then I'll say wow, I hope your trip wasn't full of frustrating moments.

heh. It wasn't the literal kind, it was the metaphorical kind. :)

what did the little child do??

misbehaved, of course. After a long, long time of misbehavin'

LOVE Voyage of the Dawn Treader. One of my favorites in that series!

The only good thing about Dante's Peak is the purdy mountains, filmed in Idaho. :)

31 types of wild flowers. Very impressive and even more so because you counted them with your children.

We couldn't name them all, though. BUT! We DID name an awful lot of them, so we were justifiably proud of ourselves. :)


"walked over 170,000 steps according to my pedometer"

Like, in one day or over the course of the last three weeks?


that was not quite the total of the last 3 weeks, more like 2.5

Bullet points

Loved your post, made me smile, made me laugh ... specially the addition of 8. I just did something similar trying a little division then multiplication, fairly certain that somewhere along the way I've completely forgotten all that I learned about maths.

Hmmm complicated comment box, clearly I'm losing any intelligence I thought I had. I'm wandering by from ... Happy Poetry Thursday.

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