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Hej all you writers out there! I forgot to post a notice that the deadline for the next issue of Mosaic Minds is coming up in 2 days!

We are always on the lookout for quality articles, stories, reviews and poetry.

The theme is Truth or Consequences but only feature articles need follow the theme, otherwise all submissions are welcome.

The next issue will be published on July 1st.

Send your poetry submissions to me at

(Submission guidelines)
mood: working
music: XTC—Peter Pumpkinhead


you know what? I think I was listening to Peer Pumpkinhead at pretty much the same time as you! but I was out walking the woof, plugged into the iPod I just iinherited from the Handsom Guy when he upgraded to a video iPod.

synchronicity, baby.

I maybe the Mayor of Simpleton, but I know one thing and that's I love you! Wee

LOL! You are quite far from the Mayor of Simpleton. Maybe the Alderman of Simpleton? Or the Artist-in-Residence? :D


ahem... I prefer alderPERSON, thank you very much!!! :D


er... um, that misspelling of Peter there was just to add to the authenticity of the Simpleton statement.


Oh interesting. I can't wait to read it.


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