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Today I went to Hell and back—took my daughter and grandson too! Not at all what you would expect! We had our choice of which color hell* (red, fuschia, pink, even white) we wanted to hide in, or more get lost in. It is actually a very lovely place, beautiful fragrances, colorful, cool—(since it is hidden from the sun when you're in it), and an almost magical place.

If you looked closely, with softened eyes, you could see fairies, too! It was a fanciful place, complete with an ear to the ground listening for our words and thoughts, a red face whose lips and chin sat nearby on the ground...the eyes watching the goings on of all who dared to come near, especially the soaring birds overhead! There was also a huge bench made of black, shiny stone, one that would fit the giant of beanstalk fame. Not too far away, was a castle carved into the huge stump of a long ago tree, still awaiting the return of the children who had made this place their home. Following steps up hillsides and down into ravines, all leading to nowhere and everywhere, there were hells all around us, above us and below us, as we traced their paths and roots through the tangles along the creek that flowed past the ferns and food of pandas, only needing a paper boat to complete the picture. As we neared the beach, a totem soared skyward, reaching towards the ancestors of its faraway ocean tribe. Huge ships, working boats and a sailboat drifted slowly past our eyes, while the haze half hid the castle of an ancient enemy across the way.

I know I hear the shouts...Drugs! Alcohol! Dreams! Just plain crazy! But NO!...I have brought you (photos for proof of our traipsings!)

More info about Sofiero Castle & Gardens (in Swedish)

*a traditional term for a rhododendron thicket
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Great pictures of what looks like a lovely day! You guys certainly had the weather on your side for that outing today. I'm so glad you got to come to Nästan Midsommar yesterday, too.

Me, too! Thanks so much for having us :)

There's a Hell is Sweden too?

Hell as in "rhododendron hell". There's no Hell in Sweden, but there are: Hellala, Helleberg, Helleby, Hellekil, Helleshult, Hellgardarna, Hellgårdarna, Hellingsfall, and Hellsjön!

Very strange. I went to Lantmäteriet's webpage, which has a map feature called KartSök. I got 29 hits on places starting with Hell, but not a single one matched those you mention. That map includes everything from cities, via villages and standalone farmhouses down to nature parks.

The place closest to you would be Hellmanarp, a settlement just next to Lyby mosse, southwest of Hörby.

And then you have Helveteshålet a bit north of Sjöbo and Helveteshögen east of Ystad, near Löderup. Both are ancient remains. All in all there are 108 places named like that, but fortunately all are ancient remains or nature places.

Weird. I was on MSN maps, which is admittedly biased towards the US.

At second attempt, I found 2501 places starting with Häll, e.g. Hälleberg, Hälleby, Hällekil and so on. It suggests that MSN translitterates or duplicates Ä as E, and probably Å as A and Ö as O. I found no place named after rhododendron however. :)

*a traditional term for a rhododendron thicket

Hell, I didn't know that!



What a beautiful day you had for your outing. It's made me want to go back since the last time I was at Sofiero, it was a gray and occasionally rainy day, we saw none of those statues, and the rhododendrons were not in bloom. It's like a different place entirely in your pictures!

"if you looked closely with softened eyes, you could see fairies..." this is just the stuff grandmothers seem to be so wonderful at teaching our little ones to see. My mother is the same way. It's fun to hear your voice, or, er, to read it---and to see the similarities to Liz's.

Hee! that's funny to me, since that's the one sentence I kept telling my mom to take out, because I would NEVER write something like that. :D


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