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I am quite possibly the only person in Sweden right now not watching the soccer game. I felt this sudden compulsion to get up and come write, even though I honestly have been thinking for over a week that I don't know what to write about, how to get started again, what even sounds worthy of putting up here. Writing about not knowing what to write is so last year. But, there it is. And here I am.

It is nearly midsummer. Tomorrow is the longest day, and it's all downhill from there, round the sling of another! It feels a bit as though I am on hold, and I've noticed a certain slowing down of posts from other writers too, as if everyone is too busy, out there enjoying the summer, to post online. We've had day after day of unheard of wonderful weather, the kind of weather southern California enjoys, only without the smog or the floods or the fires or the earthquakes or the race riots. Temperatures are forecast to go down by the weekend, but I'm confident they'll rise again.

We have had some wonderings, not knowing whether we could afford to go on our planned excursion to Scotland in July, due to having spent so much money in Germany, but Anders found some 1 KRONOR* tickets online and WOOT! Now I'm in waiting-for-vacation mode. Where to go?! What to see?! Anyone who's been to Scotland: your suggestions would be much appreciated.

Work is busy and interesting, the kids are brown and busy with swimming school, Anders' motorcycle is in working order, Mom is here for 6 more days, Sweden just scored. Life is good.

*That's, like, TEN CENTS!!
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I was in Edinburgh with my folks and my sister in 2000. My favorite activity there was a walking tour with a "Black Death" theme. We went around from location to location, hearing about what life was like in Edinburgh during the plague. It was a little hokey, with different actors jumping out from behind buildings as you'd walk along, but we laughed SO hard and learned SO much.

oooh, thanks! We have to do lots of "kid" stuff too, but I really want to take our time and find interesting things that we can all enjoy.

yeah.. but England scored first. :Þ

so what! Sweden scored last! :D (I confess to watching that part)

so did I! That was a great score from Sweden. Really, England should be so ashamed of missing that one!

You are not the only one NOT watching the game. Although, I did take a peek when I heard loud shouts and swearing erupting from the living room. Today I was subjected to a 20 minute discussion of soccer during the fika break before a meeting that I called about some network stuff. Stupid men!

The hazy days of summer are keeping plenty of people from writing, I think. I spent some time re-reading my entries from last summer recently and my life is sure a lot different now. I was about to say quieter, though quiet isn't really right since it's noisier, but it's less hectic, chaotic, unknown. Now it's busy, busy, busy from the minute I leave the office and my work hours are nothing to write about. That makes it hard to come up with good blog fodder.

I haven't felt as drawn to post lately as well. Sometimes you want to reflect and document and sometimes you just want to live. I'm at a stage for the latter, but it's all good.

I'm glad life is treating you and the tanned children and the motorcycle riding husband well.

Scotland, eh? That sounds like fun. I've always been drawn to Scotland, but have not yet visited. I'm looking forward to hearing your reports.

no soccer. i was watching the L word. in german. :-)

take your kids on the hidden underground tour in edinburgh. spooky. isle of skye is very nice. lots of sheep, highland cattle, seals and smoky scotch. glencoe, fort william, and glen nevis (where they shot parts of braveheart), fort augustus by loch ness - those are places i've seen. scotland is cool wherever you go. funky weather though. rain one minute, sun the next.

oh, thank you! :) It's funky weather everywhere we go, we're getting used to having raingear handy any time we're on vacation. :P

I'll join you. I *am* the only person in Norway not watching. Man's out in the pubs with his friends oggling the gogglebox...

Be sure to see a bit of the highlands, rent a car and make a little road trip with a map into the hills, it's worth it.

Also, pick out a handful of all the numerous gorgeous castles they have and see them, but only a handful, during my visits in Scotland I saw a gazillion castles and discovered that you actually can enter a state of castle overload!

I don't believe it! :D Castle overload? No way. Mountain overload? Definitely no way! :D

hmmm as we are going to Europe, primarily Ireland, England and france, this year, I also looked at cheap flights around Europe.

Was a flight from London, England, to Dublin, Ireland for .99 pence. But.

Another 78 pounds in taxes, charges and fees each.


Nothing you write is "so last year." I don't like the idea of the days getting shorter. It's still cold here in Seattle. I even had to wear a coat this morning. Ugh.



Sweden always sounds like such a great place to live. I've never been there personally, but I definately want to visit someday. I'm glad life is good on your end!

Kestrel (

*blinking rubbing eyes*

1kr tickets? where? That is awesome!!! Have fun!!!!

Ryanair, from Gothenburg to Glasgow!

oh yes yes to all the above--so keerazy busy no time to breathe

and WHAT!!!??? you are going to Scotland?!! *sniff*

I have always wanted to go to Scotland since I was a little girl and somehow the closest I ever got was to marry a Scottish guy. Not the same thing at all.

Check out Croila-- drop her an email-- she is lovely and may have some wonderful suggestions for you--


Oh, it sounds so lovely there. I have a confession to make: I've never been abroad. I've only ever been to some Carribean islands, Mexico and Canada. I would love to go to Sweden, or just about anywhere for that matter.

I know what you mean about not knowing what to write about. I find myself writing the most boring posts and then it's not like I can't post it, because I wrote it and all. Then I just remind myself that my blog is really just an outlet, a place to put down whatever I'm thinking, no matter how boring other people might find it. Plus, only like 4 people read my blog, so it's not like my readership will suffer! ;)

I hope you make it to Scotland. My cousin got married there, so I could get some tips from her if you'd like.

terrell, aka Darlin T

I would love it if your cousin gave you some tips for me. I hope you get to travel abroad. Canada and Mexico and the islands count, though! :) You have a place to stay if you make it to Sweden, right here! :D

Ten cents?!?!? Holy guacamole!

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