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I am quite possibly the only person in Sweden right now not watching the soccer game. I felt this sudden compulsion to get up and come write, even though I honestly have been thinking for over a week that I don't know what to write about, how to get started again, what even sounds worthy of putting up here. Writing about not knowing what to write is so last year. But, there it is. And here I am.

It is nearly midsummer. Tomorrow is the longest day, and it's all downhill from there, round the sling of another! It feels a bit as though I am on hold, and I've noticed a certain slowing down of posts from other writers too, as if everyone is too busy, out there enjoying the summer, to post online. We've had day after day of unheard of wonderful weather, the kind of weather southern California enjoys, only without the smog or the floods or the fires or the earthquakes or the race riots. Temperatures are forecast to go down by the weekend, but I'm confident they'll rise again.

We have had some wonderings, not knowing whether we could afford to go on our planned excursion to Scotland in July, due to having spent so much money in Germany, but Anders found some 1 KRONOR* tickets online and WOOT! Now I'm in waiting-for-vacation mode. Where to go?! What to see?! Anyone who's been to Scotland: your suggestions would be much appreciated.

Work is busy and interesting, the kids are brown and busy with swimming school, Anders' motorcycle is in working order, Mom is here for 6 more days, Sweden just scored. Life is good.

*That's, like, TEN CENTS!!
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Oh, it sounds so lovely there. I have a confession to make: I've never been abroad. I've only ever been to some Carribean islands, Mexico and Canada. I would love to go to Sweden, or just about anywhere for that matter.

I know what you mean about not knowing what to write about. I find myself writing the most boring posts and then it's not like I can't post it, because I wrote it and all. Then I just remind myself that my blog is really just an outlet, a place to put down whatever I'm thinking, no matter how boring other people might find it. Plus, only like 4 people read my blog, so it's not like my readership will suffer! ;)

I hope you make it to Scotland. My cousin got married there, so I could get some tips from her if you'd like.

terrell, aka Darlin T

I would love it if your cousin gave you some tips for me. I hope you get to travel abroad. Canada and Mexico and the islands count, though! :) You have a place to stay if you make it to Sweden, right here! :D

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