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While we were in Germany, we did lots of things (despite the weather). We toured a castle and we went to playplaces and we played card games and we attended a wedding and we hung out and we went to the theater and we ate lots of pork products and we went to Legoland. And while we were there, we JUMPED THE SHARK! Our kids, and my sister's kids Rachel and Bryce, and then even Anders tried to get in on the action...


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i like the last picture! so "real"! (:-O

Those are awesome! I like Bryce's expression. (I assume I've got the right name with the right kid. I mean the boy who isn't Martin.) :)

I love Martin's expression as he stands behind his cousin!

Great pictures. Looks like fun.

The last one made me laugh.

Do they use glue to keep the legos together?

Very impressive.

LOL! Although Rachel gets an award for best teeth at the moment, that last picture is my favorite.

I'm laughing myself silly over that last one! *g*

Looks like the kids had a great time. ;-)

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