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Damn, it was hot today. For most of it, I was inside my cool, air-conditioned office, looking longingly over my shoulder out the window once in awhile as I tapppity-tappped away on my keyboard putting layouts together. It looked sunny and lovely and warm, and that was confirmed at lunchtime when I took my baguette and went outside on the terrace to bask in the sun for 20 minutes.

Leaving work just a little early, I raced to Flyinge to pick up the kids and deliver them to swimming lessons. There is no shade whatsoever at the public pool in Södra Sandby, and despite my sleeveless shirt, by the time the kids were changed, showered, and in to meet up with their group, approximately 20 minutes later, I was realizing it was HOT. Mercilessly glaring off the pool, the sun baked down on that wide, white expanse of concrete. So I went to the aquarium to purchase vacation fish food and then I sat in the car under the cool shade of a sycamore tree and read until it was time to go back in and fish the kids out of the water.

After dinner, I sat in the living room to read on the sun-warmed sofa, as the rays of sunshine slid to the side, and every few minutes I swatted another fly. Over 20 of the little buzzing bastards. How do they keep getting in?? There are screens on all the open windows, and there's no way that many can get in that fast when the door opens. They were drawn to the sound of the pages turning and the THWACK of the swatter as it smacked each fly against the cushions, raising a cloud of funerary dust. Drawn to the sound of death. Stupid flies. Just like brainless horny teenagers in a slasher flick!

However, I have them to thank as the inspiration for my new banner. Hee!

Hippity Hoppity Yippity Skippity Birthday Wishes to jax_in_sweden!
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Your entry is very appropriate. I've swatting more flies in the last month . . . even my children say, "Close the door, flies are getting in!"

Now those pesky little tiny flies that get on fruit. Does anyone have any suggestion about those. I've starting putting most of my fruit in the fridge. Other suggestions for stuff that can't go in there?

White vinegar diluted with a little water in the shallow lid of something (jelly jar, etc.) tends to knock 'em out in about 3 days.

Even when you have a farm behind your house with 3 horses, a giant pile of hay/manure, and free-range fowl? Where would I put the vinegar?? The whole neighborhood is plagued by the flies. :(

Oh, no, that's just for the fruit flies.

How about digging a shallow ditch like a moat around the house, and fill the ditch with the vinegar-water-jelly mix? ;-) Maybe you need to add a small swimming pool filled with the same mixture in the direction nearest the farm and manure.

Well, we already have the ditch, you want to assume the cost of the vinegar/jelly? :P


Love the new banner- so appropiate! Here it's mosquitoes! So I keep wishing for the windy days to keep them away! Love, Lizardmom

Just like brainless horny teenagers in a slasher flick!

Best. Line. Ever.

Love the new banner! :)

I feel oddly comforted by the fact that even though you're hours ahead, in what amounts to an entirely different world, your climate and seasons are still the same as mine. :)


I love your new banner, and I've never before heard flies compared to brainless horny teenagers in a slasher flick. Interesting image.


I´ve just seen my birthday wish from you. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. HUGS!!

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