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After a bus (1 hour), a ferry (45 minutes), a frantic dash around Oban for the last promised souvenirs and lunch (1 hour), a train ride (3 hours), a bus (15 minutes to the other station across town), another train ride (40 minutes) and a night in a hotel that has seen better days, we resumed the trip home this morning with an airplane flight (1 hour, 40 minutes) and a car ride (3 hours).

After we landed and began driving through the sunny Swedish countryside, I found myself thinking, over and over, how great it felt to be coming home. Home to Sweden. Home.

Turning on to familiar roads, counting down the minutes to home. The house is just over that hill, then you can see it, it's not much longer now. Pulling into the driveway, lamenting the crisp beige carpet that used to be a lawn as you shut off the engine and the doors fling open. The dirt and fatigue of traveling sloughs off as you haul the suitcases and backpacks to the door, unlock it, turn off the alarm.

Opening windows wide, though it's apparently slightly cooler than the out-and-out sauna it's been for weeks, as reported by the in-laws. Every window is soon pitched at a slant, it looks as though the house has exploded. All the fans are kicked on, all the fish are counted, 1, 2, 3, 3, 2, 6, all accounted for. Ander's mom moved the trampoline over the kid's vegetable patches and it acted like a giant greenhouse; in the beige surroundings their tomato and cucumber plants are big, verdant and bushy.

45 minutes later, because I am a freak that will not let anyone do anything else until the trip is OVER, everything is unpacked and both big laundry baskets are filled to bursting. Now the first load is drying (O! I sing sweet praise to the God of Clean Clothes) and the second load is washing. We've had a lovely dinner that did not involve anything deep-fried, the kids are in bed and I am halfway through catching up on my blog reading. We've looked at the millions of wonderful photos that Anders took the last 2 weeks and I am soon, so soon, very very soon, going to be sleeping in my own bed. And I will not be getting up in the morning to do anything or go anywhere until I am damn good and ready to.

Yay for going away and traveling and seeing new things and yay for coming home!

*Away is good but home is best
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Welcome home! I know you had a great time and I know you're also glad to be home.

Borta bra men hemma bäst really says it perfectly.

Glad you're all home safe and sound and had a wonderful trip to boot :)

I'm glad you guys had a great trip and a smooth journey home. Just saw this on CNN. A little reminiscing?


Hi- Glad you are home, And I fully understand that joy! :) I so enjoyed the postcard from Karin, and the updates on the traveling. Talk with you soon. Love, Lizardmom


Welcome home. And thank you for the wonderful travel reports. I like reading your blog - as far as I can tell such a thing in English you seem to have gift for writing, I really like the way you write.


Aw, thanks! :)


We always say "East is east and west is west, But home is best.' when we get back from a trip away.


Well, just happy to see you back. A very nice return post. I am SOOOO different. I sometimes take a month to unpack. I have been known to leave everything in the car until at least tomorrow. I hate to let it go, I think.

welcome home!

ohhh the prefect end to a wonderful trip!!


You'd already UNPACKED and DONE THE LAUNDRY by the time you wrote this post?! Gah. Thank god you can't see inside my house...where I sometimes step over suitcases for a good week before I get too annoyed at having to step over them. ;)

Heh. I did say I was a freak. But this was only a 2-week trip and it was of the pared-down variety since we were taking trains/buses everywhere and staying in backpacker hostels, so we had the absolute minimum of luggage with us: 1 suitcase, 1 carry-on, and 1 backpack each. So it didn't take long to unpack and I was so sick of dirty clothes that laundry was a HIGH priority! It wasn't done when I wrote the post, but 2 loads of it were nearly finished :) I did the last one this morning.

I'm glad after such a long journey that you're back safely in your own bed and have loads to memories and pics (no doubt). You've rekindled my interest in Scotland.

Welcome home

BORTA BRA MEN HEMMA BÄST - is one of my favorite swedish sayings.. It perfectly captures what you just described about coming home.
Welcome back home, and can't wait to see the pictures!

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