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Apropos of contemplations about my self-image and my mirror image and the evil twin that only appears in photographs, I wonder how many other people out there are addicted to avatar-makers? Am I the only one? I think they're great fun, and an absorbing time-suck. Only I realize that all the little lizardek's I have created, with the exception of only a few, adhere to a standard ideal of beauty that includes high cheekbones, heart-shaped faces, round and doll-like eyes, and skinnyness. They're little mini-me's without the freckles and barky hair and untidy eyebrows. It's like being a virtual Barbie Make-Up Head!...without the impossible measurements and the permanently high-heeled feet. :P

liz? liz? liz? liz? liz?
liz? liz? liz? liz? liz?
liz? liz? liz? liz? liz?
liz? liz? liz? liz? liz?

Frosting-Filled, Candle-Glowed, Ribbon-Wrapped Birthday Wishes to the inestimable Chuck Sigars and to alcesalces!
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I too love avatar makers, especially E-louai (sp) - third row middle, I think it is.

I recognize quite a few of those, but it's obvious that you've done a few more than I have! I get so impatient with those things, 'cause I WANT to have a chubby avatar that more acurately reflects me. I'm not proud of being chubby, but I'm not ashamed of it either, and dangit there should be some "real people" options! Then again, if they did that, they'd have to overload their system with as many options for looks as there are people on the planet, so ... meh

Nice dollies. Love the ones with quirked-lip expressions!

Thanks for the BD wishes and I like your "little lizards"!

I'm sporadically addicted to the eLouai [sp?] candy bar dolly maker. If only my own clothes were that cute and funky! (I'm okay with not having the too-skinny lollipop figure though.)

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