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Don't you wish you were having dinner at my place tonight?

Herb-encrusted Pan-fried Chicken Fillets
Oven-baked New Potatoes with Olive Oil, Thyme and Black Olives
Aromatic & Colorful Couscous Salad with Red/Orange Peppers and Ruccola

and THIS for dessert: Fruit Pizza!
Chilled fresh berries and fruit on top of a layer of cream-cheese frosting on top of a giant chocolate-and-butterscotch-chip cookie!

Say it with me: MMMMMMMMMMMMM!

The Biggest Birthday Wishes to the Best Lizardmom in the WHOLE WORLD!
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Way better than my attempt at a meal!!
I made a baked rice and chicken dish in broth and teriyaki with fresh pineapples on top. It was pretty good but your fruit pizza looks divine!

That looks berry good! :-)

Aaahhhhhhh, food porn!

Did you make the cookie?

Love your icon--he's my patron saint.

I did. I baked it last night and thought I would die from the heat in the kitchen, since the house was already hotter than hell.

Amen. I had to throw out the garlic because it's cooked itself sitting on the kitchen counter.


Åh hjälp! That fruit pizza looks so jättedelicious!! Mmmmm is right.



Aw you're making it up - aren't you?

Do you do take-away?

Yes, I wish I was there eating this.
Sounds and looks delicious.

Good god, that is torture to read and watch while dieting!

MMMM... Yummy

So exactly, why weren't we all invited???

Oh Yummy!

Liz, that looks so delish! My family has made fruit pizza for years but we've always done it on a sugar cookie crust - what were we thinking! Hello! Chocolate makes everything better! Hahahaha!



OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You don't know how sad that makes me. I'm so sad. Sad, sad, sad. Because my dinner? Consisted entirely of microwaved peas. hohoho green giant. And a few measley cucumber slices. Um... yeah. I think it's time to make a run to the grocery store. But I have a pint of Ben and Jerry's Vermonty Python for dessert so i might just survive another night.

xoxox Wee


OH! I remember fruit pizza. My memory of it is from when we lived in Richmond, VA. I don't think it's a swedish thing, but I could be wrong..

Yum. I'm going to have to dig up the recipe I had. The fruit looks fabulous - did you by chance, pick any of it yourself? (Not the kiwis obviously).

On another note, our last trip to Sweden, we ate jordgubbar with every meal, every single day. Not homepicked, but from ICA, and they were amazing. My husband still raves about the "jordgubbar".


That looks positively scrumptious! (I adore kiwi...and all of the other fruits on there.)


Thanks for the Birthday wishes - and I sure do wish I was having dinner at your place again!!! :) Love, Lizardmom

That does look really good. I'll have to remember the idea. :)

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