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For one week things were slow, even with dinner out, dinner in, a night at the movies and a family birthday party. Today, suddenly, time coughed, the ignition key of autumn turned and the ticking days of the calendar are already filling up. Work hummed and buzzed and scooted me forward so suddenly it's a wonder I didn't get whiplash when I suddenly realized it was already after 5 and the light was mellowing beyond the window.

I am ready for fall. I expect the mice and apple cider any day. I am ready for the flies to quit tickling my toes, my knee, my arm, my arm, my ARM GET OFF ME AAAAGH!!! Go dormant already, tormentors!

The weather has cooled and pooled, there was rain today and ruffles along the tops of all the trees. Every road and field has a yellow hem; the ragged skirts of summer's disdain for her clothing.

This weekend, we are borrowing a dog. We will keep him for at least a week, with a wary eye on someone's lungs. Karin is over the moon. I confess to being halfway there myself just at the chance, the chance, o! the possibility that things will go well, that allergies will remain unmanifested, that furry petable barkity horizons will suddenly open up again.

I cannot write more; there is reading to be done. A bibliopull beyond my control or my desire to refuse. 3 chapters in to this next-to-last story and I am already regretting it will end and ending bring a momentary desolation. I lap them up like milk and roll in them like clover. Are you reading, too? What are you reading? What will you read next?
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I'm so glad you're home again and posting here. I've missed these lovely turns of phrases.

I already told you what I'm reading, but I'll say it again and get the HTML code right to boot:

Vem Älskar Yngve Frej by Stig Claesson

Write it down and look it up at the library. Or borrow it from me. I'm just in love with this book and I understand there are two more similar to it. Yumminess.

I will look it up, but I wonder if it's been translated?

I'm told that these books are Swedish classics, so it is possible that they've been translated. However I don't think I could necessarily recommend them in English. One of the things that has me mooning over them is the way he caresses the Swedish language in them - I just can't imagine an English translater being able to keep both the meaning AND the phrasing intact. I'm curious enough to search it out, though.

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Oh that sounds lovely, I must re-read Flannery, it's been much too long! I shall check that one out!

I'm not ready for fall. I'm ready for August with it's blackberries and russulas and bright yellow black eyed susans. The summer is over it's pristine dazzling highpoint and heading into the lazy seed bursting last laps of drunken bumble bees. The apple cider needs to wait.

Just finished Runaway by Alice Munroe. I like it a lot.

Do you know, I don't think I've ever read her? Must remedy that.


I've just read your interview and now I totally want to move with Sweden, a sentiment further solidified by your mention of autumn. Oh, how I long for even the vaguest whiff of autumn! it is unbelieveably hot here today, smoggy and humid and just plain yuck. When i returned from the wolf walk this morning, at ten o'clock, it was already 38 degrees celsuis. I was so hot, I thought I was going to hurl. Bleck!!! Finny j. on the other hand couldn't understand what my problem was as the whole walk was planned around finding her puddles and creeks and drainage ditches for her to lounge in (she LOVES this... she lays down and extends her neck and tail so that she's almost entirely submerged with just her nostrils, the top of her head and bits of her tail above the water level just like an alligator.) She smells slightly swampy, but is as cool as a cucumber. I was THISS far away from joining her this morning. bleck again. and we have a whole week left of this before they are forecasting a break!!! So... Sweden? I'm SOOOO there!!!!

Rest assured that if I move, i'm bringng my woof and so you and karin can entertain her as often as you please!

xo Wee

You would be so welcome! We could clean all the spiders out of the little red playhouse and drag a mattress in, and put little curtains on the windows. And we could flood the ditch for the finny girl to play alligators in! Too funny, that image. I can't believe the horrible heat everyone is suffering through. It's sunny and blue again today, but I don't think it will get further up than 30. We rarely have summers as hot as this one has been, and it's mostly been around 30 for July. I expect it to head down the scale now. Whew!


Okay, so it's official, by some freak of nature we live inside each other's brains. Really. I was JUST thinking about this today--how suddenly fall is RIGHT THERE around the corner. I'm not sure if I'm ready just yet. But what I really want to know is this: does every year feel like it goes faster to you, or is that just me?

They do, oh they do! They zip, they burn through the days like a comet.

What kind of dog are you borrowing?

Let me know if you want to try Kimi next. He is a Silky Terrier and has hair not fur and so no shedding or dander.

I am reading "A History of Sweden" in English. My Swedish history is really dodgy and I want to understand more.

Hi there! We are borrowing a cocker spaniel from friends who have 2. They actually "borrow" their dogs indefinitely from a breeder, who borrows them back for shows and breeding purposes. It seems to be quite a good arrangement and might allow us to have a dog without the enormous purchasing costs in case Anders' allergies do act up and we have to return the dog, which was one of our great fears.

I looked up Silky Terrier and oh! they are so cute! :)

I'm also interested in Swedish History, is the book very textbook-y? I wonder if I can get it at the library here.

The book is a little, but not too textbook-y and you can borrow my copy when I am finished or our school library has a copy. (OR they will when I give them the other I bought. You could read that one first.

We keep Kimi a little shorter clipped than most Silkies. It is cooler for him and easier grooming for us.

I would love to borrow it, if you don't mind, when you are finished. I will definitely get it back to you or donate it here to our library branch if you'd rather.


I'm reading ursula le Guin's 'Left hand of Darkness.'
'Tis good.


'Tis, indeed :)

i am reading mayflower, by nathaniel philbrick, which is about the first 50 years of the plymouth settlement. i'm having a really hard time finishing it, though, because i just got two more books out of the library yesterday, small, hardcover novels that beg to be read on a rainy day with tea.

(fortunately, it is supposed to be 101 degrees today and sunny, so i can probably finish that other one first.)

Is it bad? Is that part of why you're having a hard time finishing? Or is it worth checking out?

oh, it's definitely worth checking out. it's intriguing and very readable. i'm having a hard time finishing it because:

1. i have a hard time reading about battles, and that's where i am right now, and
2. for me, fiction always trumps non-fiction, and i have two pretty little novels on deck that i'm just itching to start.

but it's a revealing book, in terms of civilations merging and political manipulation on both sides.

I am reading Hide and Seek, which I didn't realize was about a missing child, and is giving me nightmares, and Mary Oliver's New and Selected Poems to combat the nightmares, and Freakonomics for book club. Next I'll be reading whatever the library delivers from my request list...

I haven't had this much free time to read since I was 11.

I can't read books like "Hide and Seek" they give me nightmares, too. I already have enough of an overactive imagination where my children are concerned. :(

Fun to have so much time for reading, and such a wide variety! :)

*insert tongue in cheek*
You are like those signs that used to appear on the telephone poles in our neighborhood every August, admonishing drivers to remember that school was about to begin and to be watchful for the children making their way to that dreaded brick building. Every time I saw those signs appear I wanted to rip them off the telephone poles. How dare they ruin the last fleeting days of my freedom by reminding me that I was soon going to have my days confined to that place that only allowed me to look longing out the big windows instead of being outside? Fall is a four letter word that starts with f.
*remove tongue*

Summer is so far from being over here. It's going to be in the 90s today and the humidity is at about 80%. I am never ready for fall to begin because I am incapable of appreciating fall for itself. It is always the season before winter in my mind and try as I might, I can't seperate that out from the beauty that is autumn.

Hey Ellen! That reminds me: school is about to begin! :D hahaha!

Fall is my absolute FAVORITE season, followed closely by spring, so I look forward to the 2 of them more than any other time of year. I HATE being hot, so summer is my least favorite, believe it or not, although I love the sunshine. I love the cool Swedish summers, actually, they're one of the things I like best about living here!


Oh, summer will never end here in the South. It is eternal summer, but at least we have air conditioning.

I'm reading The Marriage Bed by Regina McBride. It's fascinating, beautifully written, about a young woman in early 20th century Ireland. I am mad because I forgot it at home and now I am stranded in the world without a book to read!

A cocker spaniel! Oh how I love them. I am crossing my fingers for all to go well and for Anders to refrain from sneezing and sniffling. Can't we just send him some lovely Claritin and then you can wallow in puppy love?


oooh, that sounds like a great book!

As for the Claritin, alas! If only it were that simple, but he's got asthma, aggravated by dogs/cats. It's not enough with anti-histimines if he reacts badly. :(


Ok, reading this post almost made me wish for summer to go by faster. Then I realized summer in Seattle is only 1 month long anyway, so that would be completely insane! So now I'm back to wishing summer would stick around longer.

I'm reading a book I picked up from the thrift store called The Alienist, by Caleb Carr. It is the kind of book you read when you don't really want to have to use your brain. I'm not necessarily enjoying it, but I've read much worse. I'm the kind of person that can't stop reading a book once I've committed to it, no matter how awful it is. I'm also reading Built to Last for work, and I'm reading The Kalahari Typing School for Men because I adore the whole No. 1 Ladie's Detective Agency series.


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