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  • lots done and lots to do, with some glowing praise sprinkled over it, at work

  • being forced to go shoe shopping because my little black suede slippers finally came apart at the seams and realizing that all the shoe stores in town are having half-off sales! DOUBLE SCORE!

  • Excellent sushi for dinner (despite the overly long wait) with a gaggle of girlfriends

  • getting to read a very well-written paper about Pettson & Findus book translations by one of the Mosaic Minds staff members

  • drooling over this lovely gallery of travel posters, which makes me want to plan another trip

  • still having 1 book left of the series I am reading

  • having the new IKEA catalog arrive in the mailbox...maybe it's time to think about re-decorating; most of our furniture is old and starting to look it

  • listening to the 4 new CDs which arrived the other day, after I finally remembered to use the gift certificate I received from work last christmas

  • receiving an e-mail from a blogging friend whose writing I greatly admire to tell me he's submitted a piece to Mosaic Minds. Whee!
Cheerful Cheering Birthday Wishes to into_the_blue!
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I love the travel posters! I have several of them in my bedroom, two in poster size and eight in postcard size.

It was so nice being amongst the gaggle of girlfriends eating tasty but too-long-from-kitchen-to-table sushi with you.

Your furniture old and looking it? You obviously need to visit our apartment again and sit on some REALLY old and looking it furniture. Or maybe sleepover in our 30 year old bed? I love your furniture woman!

LOL! I love it too, but I haven't bought any new furniture in ages, and we've been in this house for 4 years. I'm feeling the itch to re-decorate or at least re-arrange. I can feel Anders' cringing from here! :D


(1) I agree with the lion in your icon, regards your life :)

(2) If you have furniture, you don't want to be buying Ikea. Ikea furniture, in the main, is for people who have NO FURNITURE at all, and want to have some inexpensive and quickly available furniture...

I know, but I live in SWEDEN. You can't deny the IKEA.


It's so typical. I have an "ingen reklam"-sign on my front door because I used to get so much crap. The bad thing about that is that the IKEA catalogue obviously is considered "reklam" by the mailman... So I don't get it in the mail.

I love IKEA. It's the kind of store that you either love, or hate. :) I love it because it's the only place where I have a slight chance to afford new furniture. I also like their other stuff.


We always put an "ingen reklam" sign up when we're out of town, but I want to do it all year round, because we get SO MUCH paper waste. It's unbelieveable how much paper is wasted on junk mail.


Yes exactly. And not even half of it is any interesting anyway. So it's just waste. There is the environmental aspect too - as you have discussed in a previous entry. What little steps each and one of us can take.


If the only two options are love or hate, I'm going for IKEA hate. I don't like their way to arrange the store in a path you need to follow. I find the printed catalog quite useless if you want to look up something. Horrible index, their Internet site is a must. They have many cool series of stuff, but generally designed not to be compatible with eachother, and seldom the basics.

Some 20-25 years ago, they sold very cheap, functional but not very elegant furniture. If price was your main criteria, not a single shop could compete. Now they sell decent priced, still functional furniture which has been exclusively designed for IKEA. Today they have actual competition from other stores selling similar priced furniture.

By the way, what's the matter with all the designers? Almost all of them have more or less weird names or spellings, with the exception of the foreigners that I can't judge for. I thought it was prejudice that artistic people are the ones with odd names, but maybe it is the truth.

I got a gift certificate worth 400 SEK on my last birthday, and went one evening last week to my IKEA store to look up a few things I have on my list to buy. To make a long story short, I found no items that exactly matched what I was looking for, and a few that barely would cover the same needs. Needless to say, the gift certificate is still virgin. I've come to the conclusion that for me to use it, I need to look up IKEA's webpage carefully in advance, think for a long time and then write down exactly which items I'm interested in. Go there, cross my thumbs that those items both exist and match my expectations.

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