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Meet our houseguest! This is Chimay (pronounced "shim-ay") who was named after a Belgian beer. He's the sweetest, calmest, prettiest cocker spaniel I have ever met, and he's all ours until next Wednesday! Mikael and Lene dropped him off this evening after giving us a crash course in Having a Dog 101 (including the fine art of picking up dog poo in a little black bag without having to come in actual contact with it). He was a bit confused when his humans and his brother Eddie shut the door in his face and left him here, but he seems to be adjusting to the idea that he's stuck with us for the moment. Sweet doggity! Look at his little topknot!! *snurgle*

mood: enthralled
music: REM—The One I Love


What cute munchkins, all 3 of them! ;)

It's doggy deliciousness!

I'm holding my thumbs that no one gets a sneezy sniffle between now and Wednesday. I want to see more DOG at Chez Lizardek (and I know you and the kids do, too).

omigod, i love him! and his topknot! *giggle* what a cutie pie!
and your kids are always so adorable and happy~ you're a good mom, honey.
what a great picture of all three of them!


Yippee for a dog visit. hope all goes well! Love seeing the missing tooth! Love, Lizardmom

awe, ... so sweet!
doggie lovin' for all of you!
I want to just snuggle him all up!!
we have two hairy beasts that we adore
have great fun playing puppy mummy!
: )

Chimay is gooooooooooood stuff!


oh oh oh-- isn't he lovely and shiny and oh you all are going to have such fun with him-- this is a perfect way to bring doggy energy into your world given the allergy issues.

Hope it's a wonderful visit.


He is gorgeous!!!


Karin and Martin will be heartbroken when he leaves. Are you preparing for this?? I.E. PURCHASING ANOTHER DOG??? They're such gorgeous kids. And they looK SO happy with him!

He's gorgeous! My fingers are crossed that no one has an allergic reaction!

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