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All photographs copyright Anders Ek

Billy goat bridge at Rövarkulan...look out for trolls!

Anders' best friend Mats with the kids while camping last week

Only the 2nd time ever Karin has let someone put her hair up

Summer mys under the trampoline with a book and a dog

Late summer creekbed at Rövarkulan
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What is that strange creature in the first shot?!

The pictures are truly gorgeous. Give Anders my compliments. The 3rd one has a very "Stand by Me" quality.

That, my dear, is a Sandmonster! Run for your life!

Love them all!!

anders seems to know how to play with light... delightful pictures!

Your kids make me smile. :)

Oh what lovely snapshots into your lives! Thank you so much for sharing them.

I saw the picture of Karin before scrolling down far enough to read the caption and thought it must be the first time she ever had her hair up. Don't tell her I said so, but she looks pretty that way.

I agree! It really brings out the line of her cheek and jaw. She won't let me near her with hair stuff normally. This was the hairdresser that managed to get her to agree. And I don't know how to french braid, so I can't recreate it! :(

If you think she'd sit still for it, I could show you how to French braid. Next time!

I've been shown before, but it's been so long since I was able to practice on anyone that I can't remember how it goes. :) I wish I could do it for myself!

Fabulous shots, every single one.

oh, billy goat bridge! how beautiful!

i entitle the first shot: IT CAME FROM THE SAND!
so 50's, no?

He's a total sandmonster, isn't he? LOL! Apparently he and Viktor (their friend) were rolling in the sand and then stalking Anders and Viktor's dad Mats. :D

Those are some great pics. :)

They're all great, but number 3 is just awesome!

Oh my god, these are stunning Liz. That one of the friend with the kids, in shadow, is one of the best photos I have seen in a LONG time.

~shivers~ The Sand Monster scared me! Is it safe to come out???

As for the Billy Goat's bridge....I believe "awesome" is the correct comment to make.

Your pictures make me think, I must take more, of my two growing up. They sometimes go out to the trampoline, even now in our Winter, and just slump there -sometimes reading...and often chatting and plotting plays and trampoline tricks....and annoying one another as a brother and sister should.

And how they miss each other when one is not there, almost as much as we parents miss them....

more pictures, definitely, and MORE videos! We have almost none, and the time she is flying away. Soon they will too. :(

Really great stuff!

My compliments to the photographer! I especially love boy w/book and dog under the trampoline.

That silhouette of the kids is gorgeous!

Love these. Photos are just so cool, aren't they?


I love this, Liz. I think just looking at these photos put me in a whole different place.

Meg (

Awesome pictures! Kudos to Anders!


Your photo spam is waaaaaaay superior to mine. DId you stop to chuckle at the fact that we both posted a whole bunch of photos without calling eachother the night before & agreeing what we'd wear to school? Yet more evidence you live inside my head. My favorite photo is the one of your family, backlit. So lovely!

hahaah! That is exactly what I was thinking! :) You're too funny :)


Love them all! Anders is a FANTASTIC photographer. That one of Martin is frameworthy, and how beautiful is not-so-little Karin?? Thanks for these, they made me smile - ear to ear, oh yes!

:) Samiam


These are awesome. I want to play in the sand now.


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