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BANG! Sizzzzzz! I've read about the smell of ozone that comes after a lightning strike but I've never experienced it for myself, until today, and then it was several times in fast succession and through the windows of the car and several layers of sheeting water. When you want to find a metaphor for something that goes fast, it's easy to say it's fast as lightning, but when lightning is making the ground tremble and burning split-second forked pathways along your retinas, you suddenly realize that there is nothing to compare lightning TO. It's as fast as lightning! WHAM! A sizzlebolt of light slicing a jagged rip in the sky and disappearing so fast you think you must have imagined it, except there's that smell again.

The car is gliding on top of the water, on top of the asphalt, and the wipers are flicking back and forth, back and forth, fast, but not nearly as fast as lightning. In fact, in comparison they seem slow as molasses. Flick, flick, splat, splat, the water streams away in silver sheets. BOOMGRUMBLE! Thunder overhead and I can actually feel the hair on the back of my neck raising up and my shoulders hunching as I grip the wheel tight with both hands, 11 o'clock and 2 o'clock positions that will steer me safely through the fall of water. This is not simply rain, it's a fall of water. A water fall. All the rain we wished for and sighed after during the long hot dry days of summer has come down with a vengeance and smote us, yea verily!

With lightning banging down first to the left in the flattened timothy field and then to right where the rapeseed was, I felt as if the weather had a presence and it wasn't a pleasant one. It seemed malevolent, although that was probably just the barometric pressure. Hair frizzing in sympathy with the electricity in the air, I was simply glad not to be out in the rain, glad not to be walking with an umbrella, glad that cars have rubber tires to keep me grounded. I passed the river, swollen with new life and purpose, and a small herd of stoic cows, pressed heads-first into a corner of the fenced-in pasture, while the water beat them about the head and shoulders, slicking down their spots. Again, I'm glad no one is out in the rain because every few moments a great sheet of water flies up and away from the tires and flushes the shoulders of the road, washes down the sidewalks, flings itself against the fences. You'd be drenched, you would.

Imagine if you were a small bird in a downpour like that with the sky zapping frying shots around you like a huge and random bug-zapper. Cower under a branch, huddle tight to the trunk, and put your beak beneath your wing as the leaves stream down around you. Make yourself small and wait.
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music: Glenn Yarbrough—Baby, the Rain Must Fall


Was it that eerie sunny kind of storm or dark and gray and ominous?

dark, grey, ominous, POUNDING rain for over an hour (and rain pretty much nonstop all day otherwise), thunder, lightning, the works!

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What a good word thrum is!


Oooh, this was SUCH a good post.


Wow I felt the rain and thunder. Gave me shivers, but not actually bad ones. I LOVE thunder and rain like that. Nature showing its power and showing me how small I am, but yet a part of it all and lucky to experience the excitement. :)

I love dramatic weather like that. As long as I can watch it safely of course! I don't want to be in real danger, I only want to imagine it! ;)


I have been out in a storm like this, and I was too afraid to hide under a tree, so I curled up in a ball, in a ditch, and hoped the lightning went for tall things first.

A Ditch! With water in it? Eeek!

I have been in a rain, driving, where I could scarcely see the road. Or ANYTHING. Twice. Once in Hawaii and once east of Portland. These were both brought to mind with your description of "a fall of water" and hands at 11 & 2 o'clock.
These two experiences made all the other times over the years in rainy Oregon ,when I thought I couldn't see the road for the rain, seem small in comparison. And they were frightening.

It WAS frightening! And I LOVE thunderstorms. But being caught out in one, even in a car, with lightning whizz-banging within FEET of me was not a good feeling. I like my thunderstorms with a roof safely over my head and a big window to look through :)

I'm with you there, a roof and a window. My youngest daughter though (as a teenager), used to like to run out into the downpour during a summer thunderstorm. Admittedly, these were usually when there was distant sheet lightening in the sky. She loved it. She would come back in drenched and insist that we leave the front open during the remainder of the storm if it was warm enough. Good Mom here would put on water for tea or soymilk for hot chocolate.
It was a sight to see how exhilarated she got. I wonder if she still does it? I'll have to ask her.

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