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After a year and a half of not updating my website, because well, hello...I am busy, and also, I update HERE with the photos and the daily doings and the blabbiter lickum, so the pressure to update our website seems remote and easily brushed off, I have actually gotten off my duff! Thanks to Anders finding a shiny new flashy photo album generator thingy I have updated our website with lots of pretty, pretty pictures (although not 1.5 year's worth for which you may thank me).

And in addition, when you get tired of photo hopping through the Ek Family Summer, I know where there is lots of really great writing out there right now! Head on over to Mosaic Minds for the excellent Time Warp issue.

That is all. Begone!
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Re: good for you

aw, thanks! :)

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lizardek's obiter photos

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