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This morning, driving through the rain on the way to work, I nearly ran into a rainbow. It was right in front of the car, just came out of nowhere! A patch of sunshine had strayed from between the clouds and was blundering about looking for its way out again. After a few moments of sun-bathed sparkliness it vanished once more for most of the day. But! Out it came again to play in the early evening and how did I choose to celebrate?

By cleaning the garage.

Why yes, I am clinically insane, thank you for asking!

Do you know how many mouse turds can accumulate in damp and musty cardboard boxes over the course of 4 years? Enough to build several dozen mice, that's how many. EW. Why we thought storing things we didn't really need or want in cardboard boxes in an uninsulated garage would be a good idea, I don't know. Probably because there really wasn't any place to put them in the house.

The impetus for the madness came in the form of a flyer stuffed in our mailbox today: FLYINGE LOPPIS! INSAMLING LÖRDAGEN 27/8 10-13!** Every year the village throws a big giant excuse for cleaning out your crap in the form of a monster garage sale and auction. The only things they don't accept are large appliances and tires, and they prefer that any electronics you donate work, thank you very much. We have only gone to the flea market/auction a few times because mostly it's a football field full of, well, the same kinds of things I am getting rid of now:
  • 42 million mismatched flowerpots and baskets
  • old baby paraphernalia including a travel baby-buggy bag and an åkpåse that miraculously escaped the ravages of the mice
  • a baby doll with weird hair
  • a purple and pink girl's backpack decorated with a caterpillar with 6 legs dangling from the bottom
  • a child-size plastic lawnmower and wheelbarrow
  • 2 children's umbrellas shaped like a ladybug and a yellow bubble with transparent eyeholes that my kids didn't like
  • a cast-off motorcycle helmet
  • 8 bags of unwanted and outgrown clothing
  • a set of 8 plastic margarita glasses with cactuses on the handles
In addition, I have given Anders an ultimatum: get the old computer and the bikes put up for sale online by this Saturday or they are going on the block as well next week.

From the open window 4 feet away I can hear a symphony of screaming babies. There are 3 relatively new infants, all born this summer, living in a row across the street from us, and apparently they are all seriously PISSED OFF about something tonight. I do not miss those days one bit.

*What Phyllis Diller says cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like.
**Flyinge Flea Market! Collection Saturday August 27th from 10-1!
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Comments people DONATE things to the community garage sale, or do people get money for the things they sell? Is it a charity thing? Either way, I bet it's feeling good to get all that unwanted stuff out of the garage! We have boxes in our garage from when we moved in two years ago. I have no idea what's in them, and obviously we haven't needed it. I am really curious to peek in there and see what we thought was worth moving and then never thought about again.

They donate. I think everything that is leftover afterwards is given to charity (or dumped, I suppose). No one does personal garage sales here, which I find very sad. It's all about community flea marketing. If you want to make some money for your stuff at a Swedish flea market, you have to get up damn early and haul all your stuff there and pay for a spot.

Also, poor babies across the street. And poor parents! I can totally empathize with them. (Or can I sympathize? I can never get those straight.)

I'm in the process of acquiring plastic bins for those things that must be stored in the garage. I also am clinically insane, though perhaps on slightly different grounds.

Mice can nibble right through plastic, though, so beware.

Diligent mousies.. It would take them a little longer though (I'm assuming) than cardboard and hopefully give me time to notice. The plan is to peek every now and then rather than forget them for three years. (Well, that's the plan anyhow)

with cacti on the stems?

woman, those margarita glasses are pure gold! :)


Re: with cacti on the stems?

They're PLASTIC. Also, way colorful. Want them? Speak up quickly, if so.

To those of us unfamiliar with Swedish geography, you just wrote an entire entry about an airborne flea market. Discounts on all heavy stuff!!!

LOL! Wouldn't that be cool! Up in the air, Junior Birdman!

Let me know if the ultimatum works. I have an array of old computer stuff collecting in my attic that I want gone, like, two months ago.

LIKE SHOVELING THE SIDEWALK BEFORE IT STOPS SNOWING. Brilliant! This explains why my house always looks the way it does.

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