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Thank you for all the outraged-on-our-behalf comments on yesterday's post. I will be scheduling a meeting with the teachers as soon as I can. That makes 2 meetings to schedule with 2 different teachers, because Martin's class is starting English this year, and guess who is already convinced he will be bored because he "already knows everything." HA! Wish I could say the same.

There is another girl in his class who has an English-speaking mother and I can't believe that their teacher will just blithely assume that it's okay for the 2 of them to sit through the completely-from-the-beginning English lessons with the rest of the class, when they have both been speaking and comprehending English since they were babies, and Martin, at least, is reading at a nearly young adult level. Since the county has still not bothered to do anything about the English tutoring classes that they are supposedly required by law to give, our only other alternative seems to be to see if we can get them allowed to work with the older classes' English lessons. The problem is that the school is so small that there is only 1 class for each grade and if the scheduling doesn't work out, I don't know what other ideas they have in mind for solving this problem. So, before the meeting with Martin's teacher, we're planning on calling the other girl's parents to see if they want to present a united front, which probably means a meeting with them, too.

Sorry for the all-school-all-the-time ranting. It's making me sad and angry and helpless-feeling in the face of so much apparent indifference. ARGH


Why do I feel obligated to stay later and later at work when it's not like it will stop coming in? It's not like you finish it up with a big flourish one day and win a prize for being done.


We went to Malmö Festival this evening and everything I ate involved fried dough. Fried dough for dinner and fried dough for dessert. How did I get through 42 29 years without ever tasting langos and churros? I should have realized that anything involving fried dough was bound to be yummy. Now all I need are some elephant ears and some funnel cakes and my waistline will officially cease to exist.


I have too many unresolved issues and things on my mind these days that are making me upset. Come on, speedy and satisfying resolutions! Come to my rescue! 1 obviously not-long-for-this-world fish + 1 decision I don't want to make + 1 school and 3 teachers that need a smackdown + 1 dilemma at home that I'm at a loss for + 1 calendar filling up too fast + 1 inexplicably missing camera + 1 money issue that has me a trifle wigged out = 1 discombobulated lizardek


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I have a potential solution to the things that are on your more sushi. Sushi makes everything better. Wanna have sushi before the meeting on Tuesday? Even if you have to be there earlier for the bored board meeting I can sit in the lobby and read a book during that time...

(The sushi recommendation has nothing whatsoever to do with the dying fish in the aquarium.)

Can't make the meeting. :( Which really bums me out as I was hoping it would help with the decision I don't want to make (the one you know about and generously offered to help with). I have a work commitment that night that I can't get out of. I'm hoping you and Camilla will be my spies and let me know what's up so I can make an, if not better, at least more informed decision. And I agree with you about the sushi, but can I get a raincheck?

I can't think about decisions until I've had the proper amount of sushi. (Actually that's a ridiculous thing for me to say - I had sushi already three times this week and it's only Wednesday. I had it TWICE on Monday. But not with you and that's what really counts.) So I'll think about decisions when we eat sushi.

Do you have time to eat sushi before choir on Wednesday if I pick us both up some good sushi at the food court near Möllevångenstorg at lunchtime and stash it in the fridge at work?

And if you say that you're not coming to choir either I'm going to take to my bed with a sick headache. :-)

LOL! Yes, I am coming to choir and I would LOVE to eat sushi with you first! I was going to leave from work, so I'll plan to go straight to your place unless you want to just meet at Molle?

Sorry you're going to have to go to your kids' school and raise hell. Oh well, you've got some fried dough in ya, so you're good to go. :-) Churros, mmmmmm

Fried dough makes everything better! :D

Ah, Heaping-Plate-itis rides again! I didn't get to read your post from yesterday, but I'm heading there now. I don't know about Sweden, but in the states, the smack-down that always worked with teachers was to tell them what a great job they were doing, and acknowledging how very much teaching takes out of a person, AND gee, this is an issue that they will of course be solving since it is required by law, and let me see if I can do anything to help you with it. Now I'll go see if this is at all relevant to your issue.

In the meantime, my guess is that the dilemma at home that you're at a loss for, if solved even if it takes more time, will make the plate feel a lot less over-heaped. Sorry about the fish, too. Our cat just died at home after a semi-long life. She has been loved, but very much the way a fish is loved...that is, NOT as a member of the family, but as an animal that lives with us. Still...death is death, and that also takes a bite out of one's sense of equanimity because, of course, it participates in the big Death in its own small way.

You are right about it all, and I appreciate your comments very much. :)

that teacher one was amazing. all the strength and clearness of mind to the discombobulated lizardek to attend unresolved issues and things.

Thank you :)

I discovered churros in Spain decades ago. They're even better with some really thick, rich hot chocolate to dip them in.

I can feel my cholesterol level and thighs expanding just looking at that fried dough stuff. You're a braver man that I, Gunga Din.

this I can relate to!

so often I read of your amazing powers to complete and organize and structure and resolve everything and I am so envious of that quality cause most of the time I feel like you just described HERE.

haha- but I wouldn't wish this chaotic head space on anyone especially you, my lovely Liz, so here's hoping it passes multo quickly!


Re: this I can relate to!

I don't often write about the things that aren't going well, it's just that they are occupying most of my headspace at the moment. :P

As someone whose entire blog has been renamed because it has become the school saga blog (and Ingrid hasn't even had her first day yet!), trust me, there's no need to apologize for getting this stuff off your chest here. Though I wish that you didn't have to. :-(

I knew you could sympathize! :O


I had a classmate with a British parent (but this was in "högstadiet" (grade 7-9) and she could take an exam/test covering everything that will be taught at that level. When she had taken that, and she did with the highest grade, she got her grade in English and didn't need to go to English classes! We were SO jealous. (Well, not me really. Because I loved the English classes! :) Languages were practically the only thing that interested me in school. English and Swedish were my favourites but I loved all of them. Studied German, French and Latin too)

But back to topic - perhaps there is some kind of similar solution for your son, even though he is not in högstadiet yet...?


I don't know, I hope so. Anders called the other girl's parents and they are very interested in being included in a meeting so he's going to call the teacher tomorrow to figure out a time.

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