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I love cool weather. Cool weather with sunshine. Warm enough to be outside, but cool enough to warrant a sweater. Leaves dropping to lie in scuffilicious piles. Clouds meandering like sky sheep, grazing over the blue. Flags snapping lazily in the barest of breezes. Heavy laden fruit trees. Haybales glowing in the sunshine. The delicious anticipation of the autumn leaves turning to flame.

by Elizabeth Slaughter-Ek

There is good in every thing,
When the wind begins to sing,
The pumpkin grows
and your breath shows
The scent of cider in your nose.

There is good in every time.
The trees begin their orange-red rhyme.
The geese fly vvvvv's
before the freeze,
Mittens on hands around your knees.

Summer puts itself to bed,
Sweet dreams of sunshine in your head
to keep you warm
wait out the storm
As seasons spiral round in form.


More great poetry to be found over at Poetry Thursday!
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aw! thanks, sweetie! :)

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