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I think I'm ready now. I'm saying yes to things again.

Edited to add: Talk about baby steps! A tiny little frog no bigger than my thumb just hopped past the doorway of the computer room where I sat working. Anders has returned him to the wild now. :D
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OH,OH.....Don't say YES too often, you'll end up back where you started! And, especially don't say Yes because of others needs or expectations- only if it will bring you Joy and Happiness!! Yes needs careful thought sometimes! Love, Lizardmom

Enough with the thinking already. I've been thinking for an entire year. It's time to take control!


I agree with lizardmom.

As for the tiny frog....... we had 16-17 tadpoles and have released all but 7 (3 died after a neighbor kid played with them) and we still have 4 more tadpoles to grow into frogs. They are really fun to watch and the kids think it is great to go to the creek and release them.
Love Seester

I didn't add this to the post, but after I went to bed and had turned out the light (Anders was still up watching TV)...I was SURE there was something in the room...I was SURE it was a mouse, after a few quiet rustling/moving noises. So I got up quietly and flipped on the light. And there was ANOTHER tiny little frog!!

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