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Oh what a beautiful morning
Oh what a beautiful day
I've got a beautiful feeling
Everything's going my way!

I wake up singing this in my head every morning these days. It's been awhile since I really had that feeling, and I've missed it. What a bolt of energy this week has been. Things are looking really great for this year, although I'm going to be doing some re-thinking of my palette of commitments and activities in the next couple of weeks as I have to be sure that I have a good balance and don't take on too much at once like I have the tendency to do.

Choir is an energy kick. We've started a ladies barbershop tune tonight, Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend, which promises to be really swingy and fun once we get it down. And a Nat King Cole song, and lots of other new stuff coming, with 2 concerts already lined up.

I can't seem to sit still and have so much to do, and it's all fun, it's all good. Even the weather seems to be lightening with my mood.

We had our first meeting with Martin's teacher and the new principal at the school about the issues with English lessons. The father of the other little girl in Martin's class was there as well, although his wife, who is English, couldn't get out of work. Both the principal and the teacher seem very actively engaged in helping to find a solution and agreed that it was terrible that the county government had been so lazy/irresponsible about providing the mother-tongue tutoring in English that is guaranteed by law. We all felt that if the kids had had that extra help, the problem wouldn't be nearly so urgent.

So we parents are going to call the county (again) to talk to the man who is the head of the Modersmål Undervisning* department for the county, who has been no help in the past and complain vociferously about the state of affairs. If we get no good answers (again) we'll put together a letter stating our side of the situation and our displeasure in the system and how things have been handled (or rather not handled) in not providing a hemspråk teacher for 3 years.

The teacher and the principal are going to talk to the 4th and 5th grade teachers to find out about the possibility of having Martin and his classmate join in with their English classes on a regular or semi-regular basis, and administer one of the 5th-grade level English tests to help set their actual level. The teacher has also promised to give them some extra assignments and additional challenges without making them feel put upon.

Hopefully, we can all, including the kids, work together to make sure that they can get the education they need with the peculiar advantages and disadvantages that being bilingual children brings.

In other news, I made a new banner! See? *points up*

*Literally, Mother-tongue Education
mood: busy
music: Carpenters—On Top of the World


Oh- I did notice the new banner yesterday - sorry I didn't take time to comment on it then- but I really do like it! The weather here makes me think it's time to head for warmer climates- but wait, the autumn is usually beautiful, so guess I'll stay awhile.
Also delighted that the school is trying to help with the language class situation. Love, Lizardmom

On Top Of THe World

Don't get too high up there now. We wouldn't want you to fall off.
Glad to hear you are feeling so good. It's inspiring : )

Re: On Top Of THe World

haha! I know! Maybe it's just a manic mood swing! :P


I like the new banner. Cute.

Love the banner, particularly the little bird hanging on "Ek Family". :)

you got me singing!!!

oh I LOVE this energy and can tap right into it-- things DO feel fabulous right now, but unlike you I am not able to yet get on top of it all-- but I can see the summit and think by this time next week I will be feeling more grounded.

How I WISH I could go to your concerts-- I would love to hear you sing.


Re: you got me singing!!!

A new job always makes one feel dicombobulated until you find your feet! I have every confidence that you are doing fine despite the crazyness! :)

We're about the engage in the same battle for George with his French at his school. He has 4 classes of French a week, but the other grade 4s are just *starting* French. I don't know if we're going to have much success.

Our only other option is to pay for after-hours one-on-one tutoring, and I don't think we can afford it or figure out how to fit it into the schedule. Good luck with yours!!

A Choir that swings or swons to Nat King Cole gets my thumbs up.

Glad to hear that you parents are taking an active stance in the kids education.


Thanks for your kind words on my blog. I appreciate it it so much.

One thing that has been on my mind is when you wrote about keeping a blog, and how it seems sometimes like you simply record the minutae of life, and don't make any prosaic, life altering posts.. (or something like that). I like your blog b/c I'm interested in you, and hearing about your life - along with all the minutae. Friends don't always spout off pearls of wisdom (and besides, who would want a preachy friend like that), but it's knowing the little things that allow the reader to connect with you and feel like you are sharing another person's life. Isn't that what matters?

Besides, you have really cute kids, and who doesn't love that?? :)

Take care, and thanks again.

I hope you picked up a copy of all the new stuff at choir for your pal Geena...I hate that I had to miss it!

And isn't that song you opened this post with from the musical I recommended to you? Oklahoma! You really should rent it you know and sing along with the cowboys.

There was only 1 new song, and there weren't enough copies to go around, so Kristina is making more for next week. :) No worries!

Love the banner, very appropriate for the coming months :o) I hope you get an English teacher soon. Really, 3 years is long enough for them to be yanking your chain.

Glad to see that you've got your groove back!

I asked my husband about what one is actually supposed to do when the law is broken regarding home language and he said that one files a complaint with Bildningsnämnden. However, you say that the county is the problem - does that mean it is Bildningsnämnden and not the school that refuses to solve the problem?

It's not the school's job, neither to procure the hemspråk teacher, nor to complain about it if it doesn't get done. It's the kommun's job to do it, and the PARENTS job to complain about it. We've called several times over the past 3 years, as have the parents of the other girl, and they have also called Skolverket, with no results. So, we're starting over and heading up the ladder again. I didn't know about Bildningsnämden though, thanks for the tip.

LOVE the new banner! Good luck with the school stuff.

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