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3 girls in the senior class from the high school that our kids will go to in a few years sent a note home with everyone in Karin's class announcing that they were starting a handball club for the young kids in Flyinge school. While they are primarily aiming at the 6 and 7-year-olds they made it clear that any child who was interested was welcome. Even better, they're allowing the kids 3 sessions for free to try it out and it's only 150 kronor for the rest of the term if they join after that.

I asked Martin and Karin if they would like to try it, and explained a little bit about what handball is and how it works and they both agreed it sounded like fun. I wasn't so surprised that Karin was interested, but the fact that Martin was made my mental jaw drop, although I didn't let him know that I was a bit astonished that he thought it sounded fun. That is the very first time EVER that he has expressed ANY interest in any sport that involves a ball.

Today was the first meeting, at the sports hall. The kids went themselves from daycare at 4 o'clock for the hour and then walked home by themselves, barely beating me in the door. I asked them how it was, as I was agog to know if Martin had liked it, and they both told me it was fun and they had played games and wanted to keep going, although Martin did tell me that it had been tough have 3 gym sessions in 1 day (he has gym class on Thursdays and apparently the daycare group went in the early afternoon as well today). But still, YAY!

Then I asked Karin how many kids had been there. "Eight," she replied, and then proceeded to rattle off their names, checking after each one with an inquiring look to make sure I knew who she was referring to, "Me, and Martin of course, and Jonathan and Özcan and Nils and Marcus and don't know what Simon looks like, do you?" I shook my head and said, "Um no, but I can take a guess: blonde and blue-eyed?"

"Wow, good guess, Mama!" she said, clearly impressed. Heh. Not really.


I need to find out more about using copyrighted work, and whether or not one needs to get permission to use short quotations or citations or whether giving credit is enough. Wading through the huge amount of information on copyright law out there on the web is not something I'm looking forward to. sigh

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This applies at least to Swedish copyright laws (- Internationally I am not sure. If it differs in any way):

You don't need permission to use quotations. As long as you give the source, make exact quotations and don't use them in a purpose that may cause the original work to lose it's "soul" or use the quote out of context - I mean like using a sentence about something as a proof of something different... (the so-called ideella rätten - that follows the work even though you sell the economical rights... It is possible to "förhandla bort" also the ideella rätt but that demands a certain clause and you never lose it completely.) (god it's impossible to explain this in English! LOL!)

Whole pieces are not allowed without the artist's permission. So technically anyone who posts a complete poem or song lyrics online are breaking the copyright - even though you name the source. However I don't think it's very serious, I think it depends a lot on the ideell rätt as well - in what context you quote the whole piece... The web is full of pages that do exactly that. But strictly following the law it's not allowed without permission.

Do I make any sense at all?? This subject goes way beyond my english knowledge.

I only got half way through my "massmedier och rätt"-course this spring, I had to drop out when my father died... But this is as far as I came and remember. I don't guarantee that I remember everything 100% correctly... I can look more into it if you want. (And if it's ok to write in Swedish because as I said, my English can't handle the subject!)


Thank you for all that info. (and you can absolutely write in Swedish...any time!) That seems to be inline with what I remember/know about the subject. I've also read that anything written before 1923 is in the public domain, but I assume only if the author is dead. I wonder how it applies to song lyrics, too. Can one use a few lines without worry? I know that the music industry takes copyright and royalty infringements VERY seriously, but I would think that quoting a verse or chorus while giving the source would be enough, as long as one isn't reprinting the entire song.


Yes quoting a few lines from a song is allowed. If source is given. :)

70 years after death the copyright is free - but the "ideella rätt" never stops! It always applies.

I will look into it more tomorrow then. Take out my books again. :) Shall I post it here in Swedish or?


That would be awesome, if you have the time :)


BTW - I got the same question when I was your children's age and I played handball from grade 2 to grade 9. :) It's great fun. However I was never any good. But it's fun anyway. Have fun memories from tournaments etc in different parts of the country. And "Eken cup" - an outdoor tournament with teams from all over the country and also from other countries. It's in Gubbängsfälten, in Huddinge outside Stockholm. I wouldn't be surprised if your children's team one day will end up in that tournament too. :)


Thanks for that perspective! I hope my kids choose to continue with it :)

The link about the typical Swede was hilarious. I almost didn't click it but I'm glad I did. Thanks for the laugh. :)

:) It made me laugh out loud, too.

Did I miss the girl type names? I'm not surprised that Karin is playing handball with all the boys.

No, you didn't. She's the only girl that showed up. To be fair, there are only 5 girls in her class of 25, and the other 4 are VERY girly.

Only 5 girls? That is very uneven. I forget- are Martin and Karin in a private school?

Nope, they are in the public village school. Her class IS very uneven, and so is the class coming after her: nearly all boys in that one, too. The problem is, there is only ONE class for each grade, it's such a small school.

Wow- that is very uneven for a public school. Well maybe when she gets to high school and there are more kids it will be a better balance.

Hm, I can't remember at what grade the gym class begun to teach handball. Probably around fifth or sixth grade, if even that. Possibly even floorball was introduced before handball.

What is floorball??

Enjoy that amazement from Karin while you can. Soon, she'll be on to you~ muah haha

It's too late, I'm afraid. She's already on to me in most cases!

Re: James is Swedish!?!?!


Thanks so much for your wishes sweetie! I'm not sure how Whirly Swirly Twirly my day has been since I babysat all day while Daisy was in school, and then again at our regular three hour thursday evening gig. I lead such an exciting life. LOL! Anyhow, your birthday greeting made me feel Whirly Swirly Twirly! Wheee!

It's the feeling that counts! :)


Ok, copyright light. :)



Ingen annan än upphovsmannen får använda dennes arbete på något sätt som denne skulle ha kunnat tjäna pengar på.

Upphovsmannen avgör själv om verket ska offentliggöras, vem som får använda det och hur.

"Upphovsmannen har ensamrätt till att framställa exemplar av verket och att göra det tillgängligt för allmänheten oavsett om det är i ursprunligt eller ändrat skick, översättning eller bearbetning, i annan litteratur- eller konstart eller teknik" (Upphovsrättslagens andra paragraf)


Upphovsrättlagens tredje paragraf:

* Upphovsmannen har rätt att få sitt namn angivet. Utgångspunkten är att namnet alltid ska anges men det finns några få undantag då det inte är nödvändigt.

* Verket får inte ändras eller spridas/visas i en form eller ett sammanhang som är kränkande för upphovsmannens egenart och/eller anseende som upphovsman.

Den ideella rätten kan inte säljas (den ekonomiska rätten) utan följer verket hela tiden.

Däremot kan den efterges:

Upphovsmannen kan lova att inte åberopa (dvs att efterge) den ideella rätten. Men detta gäller bara till en viss grad - han är bunden till eftergiften bara om "den gäller en till art och omfattning begränsad användning av verket".

Detta är till för att skydda upphovsmannen från konsekvenser som upphovsmannen inte kunnat föreställa sig när han eftergav den ideella rätten.


Huvudregeln säger att upphovsrätten gäller 70 år efter upphovsmannens död. Detta gäller dock bara originalverket. Översättningar och bearbetningar av verket kan fortfarande vara skyddade om de ansvariga för dessa fortfarande lever. KLASSIKERSKYDDET ger dock enkelt uttryck även döda upphovsmäns verk en ideell rätt. Man får inte "kränka den andliga odlingens intressen".


Villkor för att verket ska få citeras:

* Det måste vara offentliggjort
* Det måste stå i överensstämmelse med god sed
* Det får inte vara längre än motiverat av ändamålet.


* Citaten ska ingå i en större helhet som man själv står för

- Man ska ha för avsikt att skapa något eget
- Citaten ska användas som hjälpmedel för sitt eget resonemang.

Det är tillåtet att återge stycken ur skönlitteratur i högtidstal och essäer och som motton för egna verk. Fotografier och målningar har specifika regler, sk konstcitat.

Den ideella rätten gäller även citat.

Källa: Kerstin Ahlberg (1998), "Din upphovsrätt och andras", Norstedts Akademiska Förlag

Well, that's a very brief "sammanställning". From a journalistic perspective. It's a kind of "manual" for journalists. But the principles are the same for any person so...


Thank you so much for that, it helps a lot! :)


It's not much but I am glad if it helped a little. :)


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