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Both Martin and Karin complained of sore and ticklish throats this week and Karin went through an entire bag and a half of orange and cherry-flavored cough drops...guess who's got it now? *cough* So, it's no wonder I was dragging today, pulling myself one step at a time through work towards quitting time and the Tylenol cold medicine calling me from the bathroom cabinet at home.

One of the interns at work graduated today and she cooked lunch for a bunch of us. It was one of the most interesting taste-combination meals I've ever had, in a good way: salmon fillets baked with green olives, chunks of avocado, parsley, cilantro and orange slices. And as accompaniment, a whole-wheat pasta salad with green onions, pine nuts, hazelnuts, cashews and walnuts in a honey-and-something-I-couldn't-identify vinaigrette. The only thing that put me off was the cilantro, which I just don't like; it gets up my nose with a weird sensation I can't figure out how to describe. And then, since the kids were going to an evening disco birthday party tonight, I picked up sushi for Anders and I to eat for dinner. Salmon for lunch and salmon for dinner! Win-win.

I popped 2 Tylenol when I got home and after we ate, I subsided slowly onto the couch with a book. The sun was baking in through the big plate-glass windows and the couch was totally in the line of fire. First I shook off my shoes, then I got progressively more horizontal and then my book fell on the floor. Zzzzz.

Hanging out with the Elvis impersonators at Malmö Festival a few weeks ago

It rained every day of August 2006. On this particular day, it POURED. The kids ran splashing up and down the little ditch in front of the house which had overflowed with water.

Karin and Martin learned to somersault on the trampoline recently. The grimaces that the camera captures are priceless!

Martin flips out

Karin gets in your face

Obviously, the Elvis impersonators rubbed off on someone!

Bright and Clear Birthday Wishes for a Steady, Healing Year of Good Things to studiozoe!
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